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Best Fly Fishing Locations in the World

Best Fly Fishing Locations in the World

Fly fishing differs from traditional fishing methods as the weight relies on the line and rod instead of the bait or lure. With traditional fishing, the line and rod are usually lightweight, and the bait or lure is heavier. However, with fly fishing, the flies you’ll cast are usually as light as a feather. 

Once you’ve gotten the right gear and learned all about fly fishing, it’s time to choose the location, as where you’ll go can affect the whole experience. When you’re looking for the perfect place, you’ll need to know what exactly you are looking for. Do you want a challenge? Are you looking for a good fishing trip with other adventures on the side? Do you want guides to help you with instructions? Answering these questions will help narrow down your options and choose the perfect location for you. If you are fly fishing for the first time, you can ask your friends or other fishermen who have the experience to guarantee that you choose the right place and enjoy this peaceful experience. Here’s our list of the best locations for fly fishing.

Patagonia River Ranch, Argentina

The Patagonia River Ranch is located in Argentina, near San Martin de los Andes. This place is the number one preference for many fishermen because of the guests’ lodge and the guides. The lodge at the Patagonia River Ranch provides a luxurious yet casual experience to its guests, which makes it the perfect place to go to after a long day in the water. Experienced fishermen also recommend this place because of the guides who offer fly fishing instructions to beginners.

The guides are native Argentines but can speak fluent English, and if it’s your first time, they will be helping you with the gear and the necessary steps to take. If you didn’t bring the right equipment, you could purchase it from there, and as Black Friday is just around the corner, you can also find Black Friday fishing deals online to get discounts on your new gear. Getting the right fly rod and fly line can affect the whole trip, and it’s essential to choose them carefully. This place is also famous for its crystal clear water with a magnificent glow, the German brown trout, and the rainbow trout. If you’re a beginner or you want a smooth fly fishing experience, then the Patagonia River Ranch is the best place for you.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand

On the North Island of New Zealand, you can find the beautiful Poronui Lodge. The main guest lodge and the seven luxury guest cabins provide the best fly fishing experience. The lodge stands above the Taharua River, where you can enjoy the perfect view of the forest. The staff at the Poronui Lodge are professional and will be preparing gourmet food for you after a long day at the water. When it comes to your fly fishing experience, local fishermen have enough knowledge to guide you through the rivers and will tell you all about the best spots. Some spots can only be accessed by a helicopter, and others can be reached through hiking. Going to the Poronui Lodge allows you to enjoy an unforgettable experience while fly fishing for a 24-30 inch trout.  

Madison Valley Ranch, Montana

The Madison Valley Ranch is located outside of Ennis, Montana. It’s a small town with an outstanding river, and the trout are endless. When guests are at this ranch, they can stay in rooms that offer easy access to the Madison River. The guides provide experienced fishermen with hard challenges while helping kids and beginners know all about fly fishing. Fishermen recommend the Madison Valley Ranch, especially because of its knowledgeable team, and impeccable hospitality.

Nowadays, fly fishing is becoming more popular than other traditional fishing methods. Although fly fishing is considered as a peaceful way to catch fish, many people who take it up to enjoy the challenge it entails and try catching as many fish as possible with this method. People used to believe that fly fishing was just useful to catch trout. However, fishermen are now catching different types of fish in different places—and so far, it’s working great! But still, some people are in doubt when it comes to the versatility of this peaceful fishing experience. Whether you’re one of those people, but want to give it a try, or you’re already an enthusiast, keep this list in mind as a basic guide to help you decide where to start your next great adventure.

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