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Best Home Warranty Companies in New York

Best Home Warranty Companies in New York

Home warranty policies vary from one company to the other. What’s important is that you find a company that has your needs at heart. Several companies have a good standing in the market and choosing which one you can use is sometimes a challenge. New York to be more precise is filled with plenty of companies offering a home warranty. We will have several reviews so that you can see which one suits you appropriately, including select home warranty reviews

Select home warranty 

This is by far the best home warranty company in New York. When it comes to the price point, it beats most warranty companies of the same ranking. You don’t have to break the bank so that you use their services. In addition to that, you don’t have to scout for them so much as they are available in most towns including buffalo, Albany, Rochester, Mount Vernon and Syracuse among others.

The company was awarded the editor’s choice award for the best home warranty reviews 2019 plus a best in service award 2018. If this is not enough to convince you about their services, here’s a few more reasons for you to believe in them: 

Excellent repair service

The company offers incredible repair services for users whose concern is based on its vast array of systems and devices. The first two months are free, and in case you have any problems, you can relay them to the live chat assistance bot.

Different packages to choose from

The variety of choices to pick from makes this company fit many people’s needs and requirements. Their packages are also easy to customize; however, the first and second level plans may be a bit limiting for some people. This is evident in the coverage options from the two packages which makes one choose the most expensive choice from the ones present.

The company is best suited for those who own homes and would prefer a cover for their devices and property. In case you are a homeowner, then the platinum care plan is the best fit for you.

Also, aside from the three packages which you can comfortably choose from, there are also add-ons that you can select on top of your package. The only downside with their packages is that unless you pay for the most expensive cover, you don’t benefit from premium and comprehensive protection on your most valuable items.

Terms and conditions 

Before you sign with any company, you need to read and comprehend their terms and conditions. They exclude the coverage of specific sections, just like most other warranty companies do. It is essential to know precisely what is not covered to avoid any conflicts.

One example of their policy is that they cover all the parts and components of a dishwasher except clogged drains, rinse aids latches and clogged lines. If you are faced with any of those, you will be responsible for their repair individually. 

Keep in mind that for every service call you make, $60 is deducted from you. No need for panic as this is a standard rate in the industry. 

Clear and consistent customer support service

The best part about the select home warranty is that they care for the customer, something that most companies have a weakness in. You can quickly get in touch with the company through snail mail, email and telephone for a fast response from experts.

The home service club 

This is yet another excellent home warranty company in New York with a good customer rating. It is available in selected states, and you need to visit their website to find out if yours is present. But in this case, we will centre on New York where it ranks at the top with companies of equal might.  

Their services are based on customer satisfaction, and this might be the reason why they rank on top. In fact, according to the latest findings, their customer service ranks 4.9 stars out of the possible five stars. They equally have a fast repair time thus giving you an easy time getting your life back in order after the damage has taken place. This does not mean that the repair is shoddy since it is done quickly; the quality standard is equally impeccable.

American home shield 

With an overall rating of 4.5, this home warranty company fits perfectly at the top. It has good coverage around major towns in New York and offers excellent services to its clients. They have a reasonable repair time which means that they take their time to ensure your appliances or items that were damaged are back in order and a good quality standard.

Their customer service is also moderately rated, and they are continually raising it higher to match the competition. Their quality of repair is something you will also want to talk about as they ensure whatever is destroyed is back functioning even better.

Choice home warranty

This is a top tier company in New York that deals in home warranty. It is versatile as it serves both home sellers and buyers across the country and not only New York. The company offers a guarantee to condos, manufactured homes, mobile homes, single family homes and multiple units. Depending on where you lie, there’s something for you to enjoy in their package.  

As much as the company offers a fair coverage to most of the appliances and devices in the house, it is equally essential for you to check out any exclusions, limitations and individual coverage so that you don’t end up regretting over something you would have sorted out in the beginning.

Home serve the USA

Last but not least on the list is Home Serve USA Warranty Company. Owning a home is one achievement in life that most people are satisfied with as an achievement. The truth is that it is, and it is a thing of joy to own your home. However, that is not all it takes. You also need to insure items inside the home so that you don’t foot all the expenses that may occur from damage.

Home Serve USA comes in to help you handle the bills in case there is a destruction of property. You never know when this might happen and thus having someone who has your back is essential. The company is ranked among the best in New York, and you can check out their website for further details about their services.

As you can see above, those are some of the top home warranty companies in New York that you need to keep your eyes on. 

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