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Best Loose Leaf Teas For the Morning

Best Loose Leaf Teas For the Morning

There’s nothing like a morning ritual. Studies have shown the importance of a morning routine and how it can add structure and joy to a normal or average day. Without a daily routine with set intentions or rituals, things that would normally brighten your mornings such as a walk, a specialty breakfast, a cup of tea, a journaling activity, or a quick workout can far too often fall through the cracks. Many people express that they would prefer a slow morning before whisking off to work, but without a set ritual, they find themselves snoozing and starting their work day without even a solid breakfast. No one likes running late, wet hair still dripping, with no time to even catch their breath. Stressful mornings can make for stressful days. We find that the best way to start the day is with a loose-leaf tea. Even if our mornings are crazy, and we don’t have time to fit in a full-hour workout or gourmet breakfast, preparing a cup of tea is the nicest way to implement a small act for yourself in the morning. Not only is it a dose of caffeine, a cup of tea is also a calming act of love for yourself that can set your day up for success. If you’re wanting to give someone a gift of a good morning, tea gifts are a great place to start.

1.   English Breakfast Black Tea

Nothing is more perfect for the morning than a tea specifically geared towards breakfast! English breakfast tea is a mix of black teas with origins from India, China, and Africa. This blend of various black teas creates a strong, rich cup of morning tea with notes of malt and spice. This hearty tea is strong enough to be taken like coffee with milk and sweetener, though many people enjoy it on its own. Many people also love Irish breakfast tea as well. This is another great breakfast tea to start your day with. Many people are curious about the difference between English Breakfast tea and Irish Breakfast tea. The main take away is that Irish Breakfast Tea is a bit stronger in taste.

2.   Matcha

Matcha has recently risen in popularity to become one of the most common tea alternatives to coffee. It can be made in latte format which means that if you’re looking for a caffeine drink at a coffee shop that isn’t coffee, your local shop most likely has a matcha latte option. High in caffeine, this tea is a great way to start your day and is known to improve mental clarity and focus.

3.   Masala Chai Black Tea

Another great option if you’re at a coffee shop, but don’t want coffee is a chai latte. Spicy and sweet, a cup of masala chai can also be just as good with a little splash of milk and honey to start your morning out right. With the essence of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves, masala chai is great for a little extra caffeine for increasing energy. It also is known to boost your immune system and soothe inflammation.

4.   Gyokuro Green Tea

A cult classic, every tea lover will say green tea is one of their favorite ways to start their day. High in caffeine, green tea has all sorts of variations people love. Gyokuro specifically is a high chlorophyll content plan that has a subtle sweetness and rich flavor. Sencha, Kabusecha, Tencha, and Hojicha are some other green tea blends that so many tea lovers enjoy. Whatever your preference is, green tea is a bright morning ritual.

5.   Assam Black Tea

A robust black tea with great flavor with malt and toast undertones, Assam Black tea is a lot of fo tea lovers’ favorite morning routine. High in caffeine and copper in color, this tea is sure to start your day with flavor. Although this is a popular type of black tea, many people like all the different variants. Some other black teas you can try are Ceylon, Chai Kee, Earl Gray, Darjeeling, Chai Kee Mun, and more.

6.   Peppermint Tea

Though caffeine-free, many tea lovers absolutely love to start their day out with peppermint tea. Fresh and rejuvenating, peppermint tea may give you the feeling of waking up your senses even if there is no caffeine. Many people choose to find a peppermint blend of tea with other flavors and ingredients such as ginger, rose, apple, or almond, This is a great way to blend the mint6y flavor with lingering spice and sweetness. Peppermint tea is an energizing and stimulating flavor to add to y


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