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Best Museums to Visit in Glasgow

Best Museums to Visit in Glasgow

Glasgow is recognised as Scotland’s largest city, and it is home to a lot of main attractions for artists. The town is full of huge museums and art galleries that store countless masterpieces of historic artists. Glasgow also houses the best museums to visit and here are the five best museums in Glasgow. 

Most of the museums reside in the far reaches or ends of the city. If you are a tourist and not a local, it is highly recommended that you look into touring or rental services such as Camper van Hire in Scotland to gain access to most places in the city. There are also public transportation routes that link up with the museums, but this is a much more stressful and expensive option. So always be prepared when planning your trip to Glasgow’s finest museums.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

This museum is the most renowned attraction in the city. It contains one of the most extraordinary sets of arms and armour that also includes a lot of historical value and lore. It is a perfect place for people who are fond of Scotland’s medieval history. The museum brags about its unique European style and vast artwork collections. 

Riverside Museum

This royal and grand structure is Glasgow’s transport museum that is well-known for taking home countless awards. It’s recognised as the winner of the European Museum of the Year in 2013. It has a lot of historical figurines and artworks on display for the public to adore. These items vary from unusual locomotives, hand-crafted skateboards and colourful paintings. It also has a Stormtrooper figurine in the exhibit.

Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)

This glorious structure rests at the heart of Glasgow in the Royal Exchange Square. It’s filled with contemporary themed art styles and a public presentation that maps the history of the building. It also has a lot of beautiful shops to visit and a very majestic atmosphere to adore.

The Hunterian Museum 

This historical museum dates back to the year 1783 at the University of Glasgow. The famous Scottish anatomist and physician William Hunter recognised the university, and he shared a lot of his priceless collections. The Hunterian Museum is one of Scotland’s oldest public museums that is home to the most significant and antique collections to date. The museum aims to promote the country’s treasures as well as giving an in-depth history of discovery, research and innovation of the university.

Glasgow’s Police Museum

Throughout history, Glasgow has had a lot of memorable events, and this museum serves to present them all through the people who served and protected the residents throughout the years. The Glasgow Police Historical Exhibition gives the visitors an insight into the history of Britain’s first Police force, the City of Glasgow Police from the year 1779 to 1975.

Glasgow is known for its vast knowledge and creativity as well as its incomparable taste for the arts; the city is just blooming with natural artists and an aesthetic atmosphere to indulge and enjoy. Go and visit Glasgow and Scotland’s finest museums today!



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