Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

Best Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions

Choosing between different applications is a rather complicated task. Let’s take a closer look at the best dispatching software for trucking that can simplify many processes and improve workflows at once. These digital products (apps, programs, other solutions) provide operators with helpful functions for high-level corporate management.

Top 3 Trucking Dispatch Software

This category of trucking dispatch services has many examples with advanced and basic functions. The most common and demandable type among entrepreneurs is the ‘all-in-one’ app. It lets businessmen manage many processes at once:

  • staff communication;
  • communication with clients and managers;
  • building the schedule;
  • safety monitoring;
  • task performance management, etc.

Here is a list of advanced software with available these and other functions to take into consideration.


This software for dispatching trucks is quite famous for a reason. Connecteam provides users with strong digital tools for planning and management. They include checklist make-out, employee scheduling & communication, etc. A noticeable function is a GPS-tracking of every operator working at this moment.


That dispatch software for trucking is a part of a huge Jungleworks ecosystem. It is applied successfully by delivery, courier, logistics, and other dispatching services. Tookan’s benefit is maximal customization. There are personal suggestions for every kind of delivery service. For truck drivers, Tookan gives route optimization, tracking options, and detailed analytical tools. These functions make delivery routine tasks much safer and well-controlled.

Logity Dispatch

It is an advanced dry van dispatch service that helps to deal with many aspects. Logity Dispatch provides users with many services besides dispatching such as billing, document flow management, and more. A logistics business project gets not only truck dispatch software but with actual professionals striving to improve work performance rates.

Free Software Solutions

All the described software has a free trial for a certain time. It allows players of the logistics sector to check the abilities and decide on the right variant. Some completely free truck dispatch software obtain basic management opportunities.

It is recommended to use advanced versions of dispatching applications to get more useful options. Soon extra costs you’ve spent on the app will give you back with the economy and full control of working processes.

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