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Best Ways to Make Your 18650 Batteries Last

Best Ways to Make Your 18650 Batteries Last

The world of science and technology is evolving day by day. New and efficient products are launched to make life more comfortable and convenient. But to make any of the technological items work, the foremost important thing is a battery.

The battery is used to produce electrical energy which makes the gadget work. There are several types of batteries, every one of which differs from the other regarding power and performance.

18650 Batteries:

18650 batteries are considered to be the gasoline of 21st century. The best 18650 battery is desperate to find.  Li-ion 18650 Batteries are comparatively more advantageous than other batteries. They have a higher density which means the battery lasts for a longer duration of time. Moreover, the rate of self-discharge in the Lithium batteries is much lower than the other. It also requires little maintenance for proper functioning, which is why it is used by the majority of the technology companies.

Ways to make your 18650 Batteries last:

There are several ways which can make your 18650 Batteries last for a longer duration of time. Have a look:

Provide appropriate temperature:

Batteries need the proper temperature to function properly and continue for a longer period of time. Anything above 45 Degree Centigrade can damage the battery and be the reason for faster aging. The more they are kept in, the warmer surrounding, the faster they’ll damage. So, if you want your battery to last for a longer duration of time, avoid exposing it in a hot environment.

On the other hand, colder temperatures can also be intolerable for the batteries. Chemical reactions are less efficient at low temperatures which means the performance of the battery will be low. So, never forget to provide appropriate temperature to the Li-ion Batteries for efficient and long-lasting performance.

Don’t let the 18650 Batteries Discharge:

If you want your battery to last longer, then make sure you take well care of it. Discharging the 18650 Battery can be the reason for its aging. Make sure you never let the battery drain low because it is the main reason why the efficiency of the battery reduces overtime. If your battery is 30% or below most of the time then the performance of the battery will gradually decrease. So, before this happens make sure you avoid discharging your battery and give it a complete battery cycle.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is to cool down the battery before plugging it in. This will increase the lifespan of your battery. You can also extend the life of a 18650 battery by staying above 2.8V-3.0V.

In case you discharge your battery to a low extent (say 2.0V) make sure to charge it as soon as possible at the slowest rate. Following these steps can help you increase your battery life.

Tips for charging the battery which will increase the battery life:

As already mentioned above, that a battery needs to be cooled down before charging it, this gradually increases the life of your battery. Another secret to escalate the battery life is to set your charger at 4.1V, this will extend the life of your battery strenuously.

Other than this avoid using trickle chargers to charge 18650 Lithium Batteries, the continuous holding of battery at the trickle charger can spoil it seriously. Like discharging, overcharging can also damage the battery. If the battery is more frequently overcharged, it destroys.


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