Best Wedding Destination Spots in the USA to Tie Knots With Your Life Partner

Best Wedding Destination Spots in the USA to Tie Knots With Your Life Partner

Destination weddings have become a massive trend in recent years. Everyone wants to have a dream destination wedding. But with Covid-19 restrictions worldwide, flying to a foreign location with all your family members can be challenging. What if we tell you that you don’t need to cross borders or take a plane ride for your destination wedding dream.

Several scenic locations are available right within the USA to make for a great wedding spot. Venues along the east coast and west coast and other popular destinations can offer you the cultural experiences, romantic sunny vibes, and best-in-class services you want for a picture-perfect wedding.

Yankee Clipper Inn, Rockport, Massachusetts

About 35 miles to the North of Boston sits Yankee Clipper Inn on top of a rocky bluff. It is a 1929 art deco mansion providing a mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean view. What makes this venue a great choice currently is its accommodation. The Inn has 23 guest suites to welcome 30 to 60 guests, ideal for Covid-19 gathering restrictions.

You can opt for an outdoor waterfront or the property’s roof to host your wedding. The dining services are also excellent, serving some of the best seafood recipes in Massachusetts. Additionally, the cool and pleasant weather in Massachusetts makes the venue more preferable. The cold winds from the Atlantic Ocean help create a cozy, romantic environment that couples would long for after their weddings.

Popular icons like President John F. Kennedy, June Allison, John Lennon, and others have been guests at Yankee Clipper Inn.

Haiku Mill, Maui, Hawaii

Haiku Mill gives you the beach vibes from the islands of Aloha while ensuring you don’t have to worry about the sand. Located at Maui’s northern shore, Haiku is the perfect blend of European history and Hawaiian nature. It is an old sugar mill, restored to host special events like weddings, engagements, anniversaries, etc.

Haiku Mill’s tropical paradise experience makes it a gem like no other. The Mill has partnered with some of the best Master Chefs worldwide so that you get the best food. Each dining at the Haiku Mill is prepared with a mixture of local and in-season ingredients.

The ceremony is in the restored castle, called “The Mill.” There’s also appropriate accommodation for the guests. Cane House, the worker’s quarter, is resurrected for bridal suites, and there’s a Courtyard, making an ideal place for groomsmen gathering. A 100-year old mango tree’s canopy decorated by wedding planners serves as the perfect spot for cocktail parties and welcoming guests.

Omni Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona

Spread over a 70K sq. ft. area, Omni Hotel is a Spanish-inspired wedding destination in Scottsdale, Arizona. Whether you want a romantic, intimate ceremony or a lavish affair, Omni Hotel can serve all your needs. The hotel has a team of wedding planners and catering. Hence, it serves as a one-stop solution for all your requirements.

The best thing about Omni Hotel is the options you get to choose for your wedding. From the Alhambra Ballroom to the Valencia Lawn to the Castillo Lucena, you get plenty of spots to host your ceremony and reception based on your guest list. You can also invite your guests for a staycation wedding as the hotel offers several additional programs and activities to enjoy. These activities include enjoying golf, spa massages, and a tour of local attractions like Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix Zoo, and Phoenix Art Museum.

Terranea Resort, California

Located in Southern California, Terranea Resort offers you an ocean-side ceremony. Your dream to walk down the aisle facing the Pacific Ocean comes true here. The resort is spaced out across 102 acres, making it one of the most spacious wedding venues in the USA. Hence, you can host parties of almost any size here.

The resort has hotel rooms, suites, villas, casitas, and even bungalows for accommodation so that everyone gets an option to live in the type they prefer. You also get several Mediterranean-style ballrooms, reception lawns, and exquisite restaurants. An experienced culinary and Master Chefs team prepares food for you and the guests.

Besides the long list of rooms and restaurants, the Terranea Resort allows your guests to enjoy a spa and golf course alongside three distinct pool environments. You can also ask to arrange outdoor activities like hiking, whale watching, or biking. So, you can rest assured that all your guests will have something to enjoy before and after attending your wedding ceremony.

Choosing one of the destinations mentioned above will indeed enable you to host a memorable ceremony. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to book the venues well in advance. Since destination weddings are a hot trend currently, everyone is looking to book such beautiful destinations. Hence, there are high chances that these venues get booked quickly.

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