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Beta Version of Grammarly on Google Docs No

Beta Version of Grammarly on Google Docs No

When it comes to online grammar checker, grammarly is definitely the most trusted online grammar checker. A lot of people uses grammarly every day to write error free content. A lot of people write their documents in a word processor, like Google Docs, which is one of the most popular platform for getting collaborative work done.

Keeping this in mind, Grammarly has now launched a beta version in Google Docs for all the Google Docs and Grammarly users out there.

Grammarly Beta for Google Docs

The products and updates provided by grammarly are generated keeping in mind the needs of the users. A lot of people love working on Google Docs and they also love using Grammarly. A collaboration between these two was one of the most desired features by the users.

Grammarly is a very useful tool, when it comes to writing and this widely used grammar checker is now teaming up with Google Docs to provide the best writing experience to the users.

The grammarly premium users and the ones on Grammarly premium free trial, have been testing out the beta version of Grammarly and all the reviews have been very positive. Now, Grammarly has decided to extend this opportunity to every one of the users.

Grammarly Beta for Google Docs has been released but for now it is only available for the Google Chrome users. If you are not a chrome user, you will not be able to use the beta version of this tool.

How to Use Grammarly Beta?

To use Grammarly Beta version for Google Docs, you need to make sure that you are signed in to your Grammarly account and have the Chrome extension installed as well. If you haven’t already installed the Grammarly Chrome extension, install it first and then sign in to your Grammarly account.

Now once you open your document in Google Docs, you should notice a pop up window appearing, informing you that you have been granted access to the beta version of Grammarly. When you see this information window, look for the Grammarly icon displayed on the bottom right corner of your page. The logo showing means that Grammarly is now working for Google Docs.

Now once you start typing, Grammarly corrections and suggestions will start appearing in the form of a red underline in your texts. You can click on the underlined text to select from the list of suggestions to correct it.

If you have Grammarly activated for a long document, it will ask whether if you want to read the whole document, which may take some time to finish.

How to know if Grammarly Beta Version is working for Your Google Docs?

Are you curious to know, if you have been granted access to the Grammarly beta extension? Well, it is very simple to now. Simple open up your Google Docs and look in the lower right corner, if you see the red Grammarly logo, then Grammarly is now available for you in Google Docs and you can start typing error free documents with its help.Here you go, all you need to know all about the Grammarly beta for Google Docs. Start using Grammarly today and enjoy a s

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