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Big Apple Living, on a Smaller Scale

Big Apple Living, on a Smaller Scale

Do you love living in a small apartment? It’s part of the allure of living in New York City, wouldn’t you agree?

Given the nature of the real estate market here in the Big Apple, it lends itself to a market filled with small apartments, which many of us call home. We have come to love our small domiciles, and have let our creative juices showcase how us New Yorkers can take a little and make something out of it.

In fact, many locals have found themselves scaling down with time, starting out in a 1,500 to 2,000 square foot apartment and finding themselves preferring smaller apartment living. The advantages are many, especially for the busy professionals who spend only a little time at home.

One of the challenges of living in a smaller space is how to best host guests. For those of us who previously resided in homes that offered more rooms and space, having friends and family over was not as challenging as it can be with a smaller apartment. No need for worry, we have you covered.

A look will be taken at the lifestyle of living in a tiny loft, or smaller apartment if you prefer. Next, we will review some suggestions for hosting a party in a small apartment. Lastly, we will visit a great way to create an atmosphere at your party that is sure to keep your guests happy.

Small Apartment Living

Your circumstances may be that you are single, married, retired, or in a serious relationship. The cost associated with renting a larger apartment here in NYC, well, what more needs to be said? And your relationship status does not change the fact that apartments are not cheap here.

What’s ironic, for many of us city dwellers, is that we “find ourselves” attracted, with time, to smaller living spaces. As previously mentioned, one of the more common reasons is our busy professional lives, being that we are not home all that often.

The question that remains for those who prefer the “tiny loft” is how to best create the “home” experience with limited space. Countless examples are about you, Will it cost? Yes. Worth it? Just ask those who have followed through! The resounding answer will be yes.

Small Space, Big Times

Do you enjoy hosting friends and family at your home? Concerned about how you will pull this off with a smaller living space? It’s possible to host a great party in a small apartment.

Obviously, a number will have to be determined, that is, how many guests you can fit into your apartment comfortably. Bear in mind that you can temporarily remove some furniture to make room. Or, if that is unreasonable for whatever reasons, try moving some of your furniture against the walls. This “kills two birds with one stone”. First, you have made space. Second, some of the furniture that is moved against the wall can serve as a place to sit.

Other suggestions that should be considered include; utilizing flat surfaces for serving, “reinvent” rooms (such as using the dining area for games or karaoke), discover a storage space in advance for jackets during colder months, and finally don’t work yourself to the bone in the kitchen, shop for pre-made appetizers and snacks (this keeps your apartment from getting warm as the oven cooks).

Unleash Your Inner Star

Do you enjoy the occasional night out with friends? Perhaps a few drinks at a local bar, with some karaoke thrown in? Who doesn’t?

There are so many ways to create an atmosphere at your party that centers on fun. Games, trivia, virtual reality gadgets, we could add to this list endless ways to keep your guests entertained.

However, a traditional method that is sure to please every person that walks in your front door is karaoke. The next challenge is what to do if you do not have a karaoke machine.

This is not a common household item, let’s be honest. Where am I to find a karaoke machine? Are they complicated to use? After a few minutes browsing through MusicAuthority’s list of karaoke machines, it was quickly revealed that they are not that hard to find or use.

Let Loose and Relax

Marian Bull wrote a piece for the New York Times on June 13th of last year titled “Karaoke Coast to Coast”. Bull takes the reader on a “karaoke road trip” across the country, recounting experiences in bars from cities such as New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, and Phoenix.

Why bring this up when the jest of this article has been hosting a party at my apartment? Well, Bull lets the reader in on the affect karaoke can have on the participant, as it is a way to let go of pent-up energy. Certainly your guests, and yourself, should be afforded the opportunity to unwind!

Lastly, continuing with the relaxation theme, the music selection that you decide upon should be considered carefully. Gauge it based upon your guests. Take into consideration ages, any religious affiliations (so as to not offend), time of year, and the like.

Closing Time

Covered a lot of bases, almost as if Aaron Judge just sent another ball into the upper deck in the Bronx. Let’s review:

Many of us New Yorkers have become fond of smaller apartments. No worries if you and yours prefer to go larger, as the target audience for this piece is fans of tiny lofts. Hosting a party in a small apartment is not difficult, provided that you make accommodations including moving furniture against the wall as needed.   

Karaoke is a time-tested party favorite. Better yet, many karaoke machines are affordable for the budget-minded consumer. Letting your inner star out is a great way to release built-up stress. Bear in mind your guest list, as this will help dictate what music selections you offer.

We love our home; which includes our city, our borough, and our domicile. Create the atmosphere you crave. Demonstrate to your guests that we know how to do it right in the Big Apple.


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