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Biggest Trends of 2019: Interiors Beaming with Fashion

Biggest Trends of 2019: Interiors Beaming with Fashion

2019 has already brought us some amazing arrangement ideas. If you’ve been thinking about refreshing the looks of your apartment, now is the best time to do it. Why is that? Because the trends of this year as so fantastically diverse that you will have no problem finding something suitable. Use this amazing opportunity and create a luxurious interior, a room in the good old style, or a space that’s just teeming with colors. Let your imagination run wild and learn about the biggest trends of this year! 

It might seem that a fashionable arrangement requires turning your whole room upside down. That you’ll have to go through the ordeal of replacing furniture and accessories, painting the walls, and paying attention to the most minute details. In reality, however, you don’t really have to work that hard to spruce up your place. You can completely change the character of a room and make it more trendy by introducing just a few appropriate accents. Of course, if you have enough time and motivation, a thorough metamorphosis is also possible, especially since this year’s trends provide perfect opportunities for a floor-to-ceiling transformation. Below, you’ll find our collection of the most interesting decorative ideas which prove that 2019 is already a year of mind-blowing arrangement diversity.  

maximalist room

Maximalism, the more, the better

Minimalism, which until recently was dominating the world of interior design, is slowly becoming passe. People are simply tired and bored of empty rooms, and the ascetic austerity of the style seems to be quite depressing in the long run. The newest trend is all about loud interiors bursting with colors, patterns, and various ornaments. No number of ornaments is too many. No combination of prints is incongruous. How is that possible? It’s all because of maximalism. This decorative trend allows you to bring to life any idea which would previously seem too unusual, over-the-top, or extravagant. The overarching rule here is the complete lack of rules. Interiors arranged in this style are always incredibly unique and personalized, making it a perfect option for anybody who likes surprising solutions. What to expect in such an arrangement? Definitely a mishmash of furniture and a patterned wall mural for living room, which contrasts the design of the carpet or upholstery. Walls are usually painted in deep colors and complemented by neon accessories. These interiors also feature astonishing numbers of knick-knacks and small decorative details. Remember, the more, the merrier. Better use this opportunity to enjoy the absolute freedom of design, since nobody knows how long it’s going to last!

maximalist room

Expressive patterns in a floral style 

Flower-inspired motives have always had their place in the world of interior design. However, they’re now a little bit different than before. This year, following the principles of maximalism, we’re choosing large, expressive, and eye-catching designs.  Subtle ideas like Art Nouveau ornaments, tiny vintage flower patterns, or English roses are simply not powerful enough. Instead, our walls are decorated with lush, exotic plant species. Their vibrant colors attract attention, and there are often birds or insects hidden within the green thicket. A mural for your living room can of course be modern in style but it might be even more interesting if the design resembles botanical atlases of old. Contrary to what you may believe, this type of décor is suitable for more than just traditional interiors. Since minimalist arrangements are now being thrown on the scrapheap, you can use a wall mural in a sparingly decorated living room, thus giving it new life. Moreover, materials used in the production of modern murals are breathable and waterproof, which makes them suitable for beautifying not only living rooms and bedrooms, but also bathrooms. This year’s popular bathroom designs feature dark interiors that can add some esthetic quality to a regular bath. If you use a floral pattern against an intensive dark background (like a Dutch still nature), you’ll enjoy a stunning bathroom design in a flash. 

Dutch flowers mural

Art Deco – the elegant style of the past

Elegant apartments are commonly associated with the rich glamour style. However, 2019 opens up different avenues and brings back the one and only Art Deco style. The design of the 20s and the 30s is a guarantee of an awe-inspiring interior that will appeal to you and anybody who visits you. Nevertheless, furniture from that period can be incredibly expensive, even if it’s not authentic and was made later on. What’s more, its size makes it difficult to fit in any interior smaller than a ballroom. But worry not, you can still achieve the coveted Art Deco atmosphere using smaller items and accessories. What kind? Definitely a few gorgeous mirrors. We recommend round designs surrounded by metal beams, or irregular trapezoids which are hung on the wall using a small chain. You’ll also need a wall mural for living room with a print depicting wide leaves or hand fans. Gold designs are especially beautiful.  Though an Art Deco dresser or sofa would take up too much space, you can use an elegant console table on a curved base, which will be a wonderful complement to the aforementioned design elements.

Art Deco Mural

Trendy colors to liven up the décor 

You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to one esthetic or a specific style. If you like your current arrangement and you just want to slightly refresh it, the answer lies in fashionable colors. As every year, the Pantone Institute has chosen the color which will dominate the world of fashion and interior design. The energetic Living Coral is a great option for anybody who likes courageous and adventurous solutions. It’ll liven up cold, modern arrangements and introduce more diversity into a maximalist interior. If you’re wondering what’s the best way to use the color in your space, you don’t have to look far. It is a great idea for a living room mural. The design can feature a simple geometrical pattern, faux marble, or floral ornaments. You can also use the color to paint one of the walls and make it the dominating part of your arrangement. Other ideas include a comfortable Living Coral armchair, a fluffy carpet, or curtains. With such a vivid accent your interior will never get boring!

abstract living coral mural

Fashion comes in many shapes and forms, which is clearly exemplified by this year’s trends. This amazing diversity allows anybody to find ideas suitable for their individual preferences and personalities. Energetic colors, Art Deco accessories, or maybe an unpredictable maximalist mishmash? Which option will you choose?  


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