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Bling Me, Ring Me, Never Leave Me! 

Bling Me, Ring Me, Never Leave Me! 

Still half asleep, dreaming away to glory in the stark light of the afternoon I grabbed my shrug and literally dragged myself to answer the ringing door for the past 15 minutes! Who was it? So persistent? Didn’t they get somebody must be napping their important afternoon nap, on a weekday? Why else wouldn’t the door be locked?! Duh!?

Anyway, so I didn’t even bother looking into the peep hole or I would have never answered the door. I ruefully answered and still eyes shut, hair disarray I looked up. Wish I hadn’t! Now eyes wide open, standing in front of me was the love I lost five years ago. He was all I hoped for and he was the one I was dreaming about just now! 

Suddenly all the cruel memories that destroyed us came rushing at an accelerated effort. He invites himself inside and I let him, blankly.  “How are you?” “Don’t you see yourself?” “Napping in the afternoon is my kinda thing too” “It will be now since you’re here for a reason?!” “The spiked woman that you’ve become! I like that *simling*” “Well, I just thought I’d bunk work today. I’ve been working too hard.” “Yea sure, that’s why you’ve been napping on a Thursday afternoon? *Laughs cajoling* “That’s none of your business and I don’t need to prove my work ethics to you.” 

He looks at me, comes close to me, holds me from my waist and then I fall into his arms. Just like that. He comes after five years, no questions asked, we begin from where we left off and we know we’re meant to be with each other. 

He, now hoisted on my bed, me close to him, in his arms, he does the most magical thing. He goes online on his phone and Google’s Rockrush. My soul reeling in the fulfilling feeling looks at what appears before my eyes. 

He looks at me and says, “Choose one. We’re getting married today. I smile knowingly and pick out the most insane engagement rings there are on this beautiful jewellery site. 

Then we start shortlisting together:

He selects this dreamy eyed classic Halo diamond engagement ring. Set in 14kt White Gold (2.9 gms) with Diamonds (0.39 Ct, SI/IJ) Certified by SGL/IGI. “This diamond ring  is how I exactly feel about you right now. I can totally imagine putting this epic engagement ring on you.”

Me: “Can’t wait to wear this for a lifetime.” “Okay but wait let’s try couple rings before we buy?”

Him: “Wokay”

Couple rings:

Me: “I love this couple ring! But maybe when we’ve crossed our 15thanniversary?” 

Him: “ *Kisses me on the forehead* yes, I’ll remember and on that day we’ll be just like today selecting couple rings off Google like it’s nobody’s business.”

Me: “Lol!  Now let’s go to Diamond rings.”

Him: “Okay so you’re going to select every tempting diamond ring on Rockrush ?!”

Me: “What can I say? It’s my way of seeking revenge on you”

Diamond rings:

Him: * scrolling dutifully*

Me: “Baby stop! I love this Renaud diamond ring!” “I want” “It would be a perfect contrast of platinum and gold on my fingers!”

Him: *Adds all the shortlisted ones in the cart to pay now*

We kiss and wait for the prompt delivery to the promise we have made each other so naturally today forever for “Us” to be.


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