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Boat Chartering 101: Why Spring Is the Best Time To Rent

Boat Chartering 101: Why Spring Is the Best Time To Rent

Getting out on the water can be a great way to spend the day. Whether you are getting together for a corporate event, going whale watching or just enjoying a cruise for fun, chartering a boat is a memorable experience. While charting a boat can be a good time no matter the season, spring tends to be the best time of year for it.

What Is Boat Chartering?

Chartering a boat involves paying to use a boat for a certain amount of time. In many ways, it is like renting a boat. Typically, charters are for larger boats than rentals. Additionally, many charters are crewed. Thus, there is a professional crew to take you out on the water. You and your guests can simply enjoy cruising through the waves.

In some cases, you can have an experience that mixes manning the vessel with having a crewed charter. This boating experience is a popular option for a corporate boat charter because it can serve as a teambuilding activity.

Why Charter a Boat in the Spring?

There are many great reasons to consider chartering a boat in the spring. These are a few of the top benefits, particularly for San Diego boat charters:

  • The Weather: During the spring, the weather is typically warm enough that being out on the water will be comfortable. However, it is also not oppressively hot, like it can become in summer. In other words, it is just right.
  • Whales: If you are in the right area (San Diego is perfect), the spring can bring whale migrations. Specifically, gray whales are completing their return trip north, plus blue whales can often be sighted in late spring.
  • Beautiful Sunsets: When you charter a boat on the ocean, one of the best benefits is the setting sun. Seeing it go down over the horizon can be truly spectacular. This is a sight that everyone should experience at least once. During the spring, sunset is almost perfectly timed to happen just before or during dinner.

Things To Know Before Chartering

Before chartering a boat, it is a good idea to know what to expect. One of the best parts of chartering is that you have an incredible amount of freedom. With the exception of the time limitations of the charter and the rules of the sea, you can enjoy your charter experience more or less the way you want to.

Although boat chartering has a reputation for being expensive, it can actually be quite affordable when you consider how many people can fit on a boat. If you want to have a private dinner on a boat, for example, you could easily have an event with your whole family.

Schedule Your Spring Boat Charter

Discover more about chartering a boat today. With the right provider, you can enjoy the amazing springtime waters of San Diego or another popular coastal area. This can be a great way to celebrate a successful year for your business or a milestone birthday for a loved one.

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