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Bored at home? Our tips for entertainment during Covid-19

Bored at home? Our tips for entertainment during Covid-19

The whole world seems to be in the days of Corona – schools and daycare centers are being closed, home office is becoming the word of the day, and a visit to shopping centers, major events and parties in the city is no longer an option. So that you don’t flip the covers on your head at home, we provide you with some excellent tips on how you can either spend time alone or with the family.

Idea 1: Play ‘till the doctor comes

Dust off the old Super Nintendo, blow deep into your NES modules, or treat yourself to full home cinema luxury on the 65-inch device with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: gamers laugh at the virus and can finally get out of it in the coming weeks Draw full. 

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Creative gamers resort to video games that fit the current topic: in Two Point Hospital  (Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One) you are allowed to build and run a hospital yourself, in Plague Inc. (all platforms and mobile) you slip into yourself the role of the “virus” and tries to wipe out the world from all people.

Idea 2: Build a pillow castle

Probably the smartest way to start quarantine: build a castle out of lots of pillows and blankets, ideally with the best view of the television at home. So the coming days can be endured very well – especially with children, but also in “romantic mode” with your spouse or, if necessary, all alone.

If you want to go one step further, you can also build tunnels into the kitchen and bedroom. The everyday route from the living room to the rest of the booth becomes an adventure.

Idea 3: Crafts with toilet paper rolls

Now that each of you has stashed at least 100 rolls of toilet paper in the basement, the question is, of course, what to do with all that stuff? Luckily, the fine art of toilet paper roll tinkering has been passed on through generations of annoyed kindergarten mothers – and dads, refined and spun up creatively.

So, have a look on Pinterest or dive into Google search. There are literally over a million results that can keep you happy for the next few days and weeks. And who hasn’t always wanted a ” Captain Underpants ” to sit on the windowsill at home?

Idea 4: Make yourself even more nervous with virus movies

Whoever looks around nervously with every sneeze and can no longer have the double face mask pulled off his head at home, should best avoid the following films:

Our tip: Outbreak – silent killer

The classic when it comes to fighting nasty viruses. In 1995, this flick came to the cinemas and featured a whole bunch of great Hollywood stars: Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo, Donald Sutherland, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Spacey and a nasty little monkey!

In fact, “Outbreak” has aged surprisingly well – which unfortunately cannot be said for its technical side. Unfortunately, the good piece cannot currently be streamed for free. The film can be rented online or purchased as a download from Chili, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Amazon Video, the maxdome store, Videobuster, EntertainTV and the Microsoft Store.


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