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Brabble, New York-based social media company, expanding social eCommerce SaaS in 2019

Brabble, New York-based social media company, expanding social eCommerce SaaS in 2019

Brabble, a start-up social media company based out of New York City, has been at the forefront of disrupting eCommerce for some time. Starting out as a social network that gave its users the ability to sell products to friends within their network as well as to other networks, Brabble has evolved to take eCommerce and social selling to the next level with a product called *StarTags.*

Now, the company is looking to the future as plans are in the works to further develop the technology.  Starting in 2019, *StarTags will also be available in a SaaS (software as a service) model, where companies can buy monthly subscriptions to use the *StarTags technology in online advertisements.

Patrick Mackaronis, founder of Brabble, says he realized the company was evolving into more of a technology-driven entity and that the *StarTags feature was “more valuable than he realized.”

*StarTags was designed as a link that Brabble users can program into their social media posts to create a direct buy or sell link right in the app. This provides users with a seamless P2P sales option, which can also span across numerous media platforms.

Mackaronis says *StarTags is the missing piece for any company that sells products online which will drive not only their sales and revenue, but brand visibility which is the name of the game today in digital marketing.

“We are really excited about the future of this product. *StarTags SaaS gives us the ability to really bring that same level of dynamic functionality to e-commerce. We are currently building out that platform and can’t wait to offer it to our customers,” adds Patrick Mackaronis.

By bringing *StarTags to the forefront of the company as a leading tool, Mackaronis says online sellers and e-commerce businesses will have the ability to magnify their online sales, capture data, share to multiple networks and tap into existing databases of customers.

Mackaronis further explains, “Using the *StarTags technology will also streamline the shopping and checkout process by providing 1-click shopping rather than having to click on different websites to complete a purchase.”

Patrick Mackaronis developed the Brabble app in 2014 with a desire to offer social media users an opportunity to generate revenue, something that he thought was lacking in existing social platforms.  Subsequently, with the development of *StarTags, he encourages all e-commerce businesses to take advantage of social media integration in order to meet their customers’ needs and grow their revenue.

“Social commerce is all about accessibility and ease-of-use, and that’s exactly what Brabble is targeting,” says Mackaronis.

Brabble was originally developed as an all-in-one social media network that allows users the freedom to make text posts, send multimedia content, and create long-form voice recordings all in one mobile app, making online engagement much stronger and more personal than ever before.  Brabble users are encouraged to create and join in on rich conversations, topics, discussions and debates, in a fun and interactive environment.

The Brabble network and app, which had about 500,000 users, will re-launch later this year and expects to be working with more than 100 social networks using *StarTags in 2019.


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