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Brandquad: the more data – the higher the conversion

Brandquad: the more data – the higher the conversion

Collecting information, generating content, transmitting product data to retailers’ websites or marketing platforms – all this takes time. So the launch of a new product online is often extended six months or more. You can simplify and automate this process by using specialized services and product information management (PIM) platforms such as a Brandquad. 

Without specialized software, product listing for the retailer’s e-shelf is prolonged, and content errors happen frequently. Once product information is updated, the manufacturer needs to make sure that its trade partners adjust the description on their websites as quickly as possible. Otherwise, product returns and a decrease in brand loyalty among end consumers are potential.

For example, the customer bought a cream, which he has used many times before. The manufacturer has changed the composition but did not send the updated information to the retailer (or did not make sure that the counterpart updated it in due time). The buyer does not tolerate individual components and suffers from an allergic reaction after using the product. This situation can lead not only to customer exodus following the negative reviews but also to lawsuits.

The client makes the final choice to buy a product when he/she understands that it perfectly suits his/her needs. Therefore, the more product data the manufacturer specifies, the more likely the consumer is to pay attention to it.

What to do:

— make sure that the information on the retailer e-shelf is consistent with what the manufacturer has entered into the product profile in the system. Conversion is most affected by detailed marketing description, high-resolution photos, video, presence of certificates. It is also necessary to specify the consumer characteristics of the product, such as composition, mode of application, and effect. The more such details – the higher the conversion;

— when it comes to FMCG products (e.g., cosmetics, food, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals), when configuring the service, care must be taken to ensure that information on composition changes is always updated promptly.


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