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Brief History of Video Games

Brief History of Video Games

Long ago, people used primitive type of games for entertainment. No one could imagine what success and development gaming will achieve in the future. Today, every video game is a masterpiece. Thanks to modern technologies and tools, the developers able to recreate the atmosphere of almost anything. 

The modern history of gaming began with arcade games that appeared in the 70s. Some of them have become hits and even legends. They spread to all countries and continents. After that, arcade cabinets were installed everywhere: cafes/restaurants/malls and even shops. But not everyone wanted to go somewhere to play, so the developers offered the first consoles that allowed to play at home.

In the 80s, the rapid development of the gaming industry continued. People got new entertainments and emotions. At that time, the first computers appeared in stores, respectively, most of the video games were released for the new platform.

In the 90s, developers were still experimenting with video games. PCs have become more affordable, so they appeared in almost every home. Someone used the device for work/programming, but most of the users for fun. To spread gaming software and make it more popular, CD technology was released. All this time, the sphere of video games showed excellent results, so by 2000 it turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. Manufacturing companies saw new perspectives in consoles and mobile devices.

Gambling Trends in Video Games

Nowadays, the sphere of video games is developed with the help of a virtual universe, where it is accessible to each user. Now, players have a choice: buy a licensed CD or play somewhere on the Internet. Moreover, you do not need to be limited to PCs, as entertainment is available on consoles.

Modern gambling in video games appeared as a lootboxes, now you pay real money to earn in-game rewards and skins for your favorite weapons or characters.

Modern consoles have many differences from the “old-school” NES/Sega, which first appeared in this industry. Today, fans of video games can enjoy the amazing performance of games using the Xbox or PlayStation consoles. These consoles offer new options that were not available before: multiplayer game (Xbox Live) and others. This is a great opportunity to test your skills and make new friends.

Do not forget about the Internet, where you can play in any browser. In this case, you do not need to download anything. Just select the appropriate online game and click “Play.”

Probably, each of us has a hobby. What do you like? Football, gambling, fishing or maybe hunting? In any case, these hobbies are available in the form of a simulation, what is another advantage of the gaming industry. Of course, you always have a choice: buy an expensive disk with a fishing simulation or spend money on a vacation by a picturesque lake. Or if you are gambling fan – you can play free online casino games and for real money.

We do not think someone can stop the development of this industry. Thanks to new solutions, ideas and technologies, developers create new realistic worlds, where you can enjoy beautiful graphics, interesting stories and prizes. Most people think that games are meant only for the young generation, but they are not. This is a new trend, according to which, the adult generation uses PCs and gadgets for game, too. As a result, developers are releasing new universal models.


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