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Businessman Kondrashov Telf AG: Is it profitable to invest in foreign real estate

Businessman Kondrashov Telf AG: Is it profitable to invest in foreign real estate

Investing in foreign real estate has always been considered one of the least risky investments. From the point of view of financial benefits, investment in foreign real estate is a reliable way to preserve the accumulated capital and regularly receive a guaranteed financial flow.

Businessman Stanislav Kondrashov told Telf AG why it is profitable to invest in foreign real estate; why the foreign market of residential and commercial real estate is better than the domestic; which countries are most promising for investors.

Domestic and foreign real estate market

Real estate investment is chosen by those businessmen who want to capitalize on their money first and get a stable income.

“The advantage of investing in real estate is that the investor, in any case, remains the winner. Even in the event of an economic crisis, the investor still has real estate, demand for which will sooner or later recover,” said the financial analyst.

He clarified that today the domestic market is oversaturated, so larger investors prefer to invest in foreign real estate.

“Investing in foreign real estate is no longer a novelty, and this market is expanding every day. Today we can safely say that it functions as a full-fledged real estate market. At the same time, the domestic market is oversaturated and does not guarantee full protection of investor rights,” said consultant Stanislav Kondrashov, but whatever Telf AG noted, before investing your money in real estate in a certain country, you need to study the situation in other states and only then a deal.

Businessman Telf AG Kondrashov: The most promising countries for investment in their real estate

Investors have long been tempted to invest in foreign real estate. Businessmen are eager to bring money abroad; the following countries have become especially popular for them: Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Malta.

Telf AG Kondrashov noted the stability of the real estate market in these countries, for which Europeans appreciate it. Despite the short season and the profitability of only about 3-4%, the European real estate market is reliable.

“Investors who prefer real estate deposits do not like to take risks. Stable income, practical application of laws, the guarantee of the rights of citizens, and investors are the determining factors for foreign investors,” the financial analyst is convinced.

According to Kondrashov, before deciding on the choice of a property for investment, it should be checked for compliance with two criteria. The first is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, the second is investment attractiveness.

“These factors are very important for those investors who plan to live in the acquired property or want to use other bonuses that the residence permit gives,” the expert noted.

At the same time, the consultant specified, the investor in any case will be able to directly control the management of the property.

How to buy property abroad

According to Telf AG Kondrashov, the simplest and most common way to buy property abroad is to conclude a transaction without intermediaries. The investor immediately takes ownership of the building for rent. Profit, in this case, will depend on the amount of taxes and the property itself – in what area is it, in what condition is the building, whether additional costs are required for its repair or decoration.

The second and less common way is to invest through an intermediary. For this, the investor invests his savings in a trusted company, which is engaged in the preparation of documents for the purchase of profitable properties and the search for tenants.

Investing in both domestic and foreign real estate will always be a reliable way to maintain savings and regularly receive a stable income.

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