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Buy RDP online to increase your productivity at work

Buy RDP online to increase your productivity at work

You can enhance your productivity and work from the convenience of your home. With all the comfort and ease you can get the best of everything. It is not surprising that more than 19,000 customers are using high-end RDP services. When users buy RDP they will get 10gbs speed and that too at affordable rates. The customer will also get a chance to grab RDP servers that also come packed with SSD storage. It means that you can get 10 x better performance and get the best of everything. The top companies offer RDP servers in about 30 countries across the globe. There are a lot of RDP plans and offers that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

RDP Plans for customers

There is a wide range of RDP plans offered for the customers. Some of the most popular plans include residential, streaming, botting, and encoding RDP. Most of these plans are equipped with high-end features. They offer the latest generation Intel E5, CPU, NVIDIA GPU, and a lot more. For the software side, you can get all the operating systems for windows. The list includes Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, and Windows 7. It has now become easy to purchase RPD in the USA (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York Buffalo, New York City, North Carolina, San Jose, and Seattle). If we talk about the UK you can also purchase RDP in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Australia (Sydney), and Czech Republic (Prague). 

Residential RDP

The residential RDP is offered at $25.00. You can order now and get the best of features. In this plan, you will get 4 core CPUs, 2GB RAM, Windows 7/10, and 12 hours of setup time. The residential RPD is offered at 2G, 4G, and 8G plans. When the streaming quality is good you can enhance productivity at work or office. NVENC hardware encoding is very advanced and offers a crisp streaming experience. 

Streaming RDP

The streaming RDP offers the best quality hardware encoding. All the users will get the best-in-class GPU for a very smooth streaming experience. The graphics are crisp while there is no frame loss either. Most users are happy to use streaming RDP as it offers ultra-fast NVME storage for fast catching and lightning speed. You also get a powerful CPU as the streaming server is packed with a dual Xeon CPU.

Features of Dating RDP 

The dating RDP comes packed with full administration access. It features both residential and clean IP addresses for the users. This dating RDP server works best with a lot of dating websites. The list includes dating websites, PayPal, and a lot more. 

Why choose Buy Cheap RDP?

More than 100,000 customers are using the RDP services as they are convenient and affordable. You get competitive prices that are not offered anywhere else. When you can get the best of RDP services why go for someone else? There is no doubt that every second counts and this is the reason why they offer instant server delivery. You will be happy to know that 99.9% uptime is guaranteed for all the users. The best thing is that you can buy RDP with bitcoin and perfect money. 

Uses of RDP server

There is no doubt that RPD is a powerful tool that has become a necessity for users in today’s modern world. You can choose from a wide range of plans that are offered to the customers.

Use RDP as a second computer:

If you are one of those people who like to travel frequently using RDP as a second computer will be the best choice. You can store plenty of documents and files on the cloud. It is also easy to access the data from anywhere in the world no matter where you are. Most travelers are worried about carrying their heavy laptops along. However, with the RPD server, you can have it all with full comfort and convenience.

Faster speed

You will be surprised to see that almost all the servers come backed with 1GBps or 1000Mbps internet speed. Even if you don’t have a high-speed connection in your home you can still enjoy a high internet speed on the remote servers. It doesn’t matter how to download and upload big files and that too in a matter of a few seconds. This choice is also very handy for the admins of various webs. The faster speed of the RDP server also allows easy backup of the data and the work of admins.

Secure and good alternative of VPN: 

RDP serves the best layer of security that exceeds the security offered by traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network). When it comes to a VPN you can easily hide your IP or location. However, on the remote desktop, the attacker or hacker cannot even reach your system. Even in the worst cases, the hacker tries to attack your system they will fail. You can achieve a high level of safety and keep your files or documents safe.

Bypass geographical restrictions easily: 

There are plenty of websites that restrict the access of users in particular regions. You can grab a chance to have a server in any location to enjoy a lot of services. All these features are available at affordable rates. It has now become easy to operate the server in any country that makes use of a remote desktop. 

RDP for high-end organizations

If you are a top organization and want to cut costs, installing a remote desktop will be a perfect choice. With the RPD server, you can save money and get the best results. You can let your users connect with the same servers. It is also easy to save your money on the license cost of the software. When all the users are connected with the same server it will be effective to enhance productivity at work. You can apply a good amount of security by limiting the number of applications and access to the software. 


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