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Buying a Headset for Your Office Needs

Buying a Headset for Your Office Needs

Confused in choosing the most suitable headset for your desk needs? Of course you need to read headset reviews but we hope this article can help you. A telephone headset or micro-headset is composed by one or two headphones and a microphone. It connects, depending on the model to: a landline, a wireless phone, a mobile phone, a PC / Mac, etc. The headphones allow you to communicate / call keeping your hands free so that in turn allows you to perform other activities, write, type, drink a coffee, and so on.

Why invest in a telephone headset? 

To relieve your back. Thanks to the telephone headset it will allow you to maintain a correct posture! In order to have their hands, many professionals call by phone blocking the device between the ear and the shoulder. Repeatedly throughout the day, this position twists your spine, causing tensions, blockages, tendonitis, etc.

To call comfortably and be able to use your hands.

At the same time he calls, he can easily write on the computer, pick up a document, and take notes. With a telephone headset, his back remains straight, his hands and shoulders are kept free. In addition, it allows you to pick up and hang up, adjust the volume and cut the microphone directly from your headphones.

Better sound

Telephone microphones are equipped with the most advanced acoustic technologies. Thanks to the pads positioned specifically to cover the ears perfectly, it allows a perfect listening of your interlocutor. Most headphones include acoustic protection that preserves hearing, suppressing the echo effect and the sound peaks. The protection eliminates the sound of the environment. Your interlocutor then, understands clearly and only the sound of his voice.

Earphone with cable or without?

Choose a wired headset if you call without leaving your workplace. Wired technology offers better sound. What we use in our business should offer best quality and the sound quality is one of the must have.

Choose a cordless handset if you want to keep your hands free, while calling by phone. Move around the company or go see a partner. Depending on the model, benefit from a range of 180m from your phone: with the possibility of hanging and picking up from a distance from your phone.

Earphone with 1 headphone or with 2 headphones?

Choose a mono headset (1 earphone / monaural) if you work in an individual office or in a quiet environment. The mono headset allows you not to be completely isolated from your work environment and is attentive to your surroundings.

Choose a Stereo headset also known as a binaural headset (2 headsets / binaural) if you work in an open space or a noisy environment. The duo earphone allows you to be completely disconnected from any annoying noise and perfectly focused on your telephone conversation.

With what phones does it communicate?

For your info, a telephone headset can be connected to several devices.

If you only call with a landline.

The majority of the headphones with or without cable, are connected with a fixed telephone. They are compatible with most landlines. Caution: remember to add a connection cable to connect the headset to your phone.

If you only call with a cordless telephone.

If you are looking for a wireless headset, it must be Gap compatible. If you prefer with cable, choose a headset or pedestrian kit that plugs into the jack.

If you only call with a mobile phone.

Your calls go through your mobile phone. With or without cable, you have the two options:
– Wireless headset (headset) that connects via Bluetooth.
– Wireless headset (ear contour) that connects to Bluetooth.
– Earphone or pedestrian kit with cable, which is connected to the jack of the mobile phone.

By paying attention to the points above then you can choose the most suitable headset for your office needs.



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