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Buying Your Very First Meat Smoker

Buying Your Very First Meat Smoker

If you are trying to bring your cooking game to the next level and you are tired of, or have just gotten too comfortable with traditional cooking methods, maybe the next step you are looking to take in your quest for your perfect food is a meat smoker.

Meat smokers are a timeless way to cook the perfect cut of meat, or the whole animal. Utilizing the heat of smoke to infuse a thick and bold flavor to the meat is one of the benefits that people use these smokers for. They range in all sorts of types, sizes, prices and can fit just about any need you may have, Cookout Pal can show you these distinctions. This will help you distinguish between a Smoke Hollow and any other type of smoker you might purchase. Barbecuing is sufficient for just about most types of meat, but sometimes we want to experiment with our food and flavors, so using a meat smoker is one good way to do this and it doesn’t require any professional chef knowledge of cooking techniques.

If you’re looking for a way to change up your cooking game and need some help picking your first meat smoker, this guide will help:


One of the first things people look for when buying new cooking appliances or tools is the price. For good reason too, a lot of cooking equipment can be downright crazy in cost. Luckily, meat smokers don’t come in a single price range. They vary in cheap smokers to ultra expensive. Considering you are likely reading this because you are considering buying a meat smoker for the first time, usually try to go lower in price and see how you like it or if it fits your needs. From there you can consider buying a more pricey one when you outgrow the function of a cheaper smoker.

Type of fuel

Very important for your consideration is what type of fuel you want your smoker to use. Smokers are usually thought of in the traditional form of charcoal or wood smokers. These smokers give your food the authentic flavor that most people want from a smoker and can generally be cheaper than other alternatives. Some of us want a convenient and cheap type of smoker without sacrificing ability. Pellet smokers use wood chips, which can be flavored to give your meat any type of flavor. Propane smokers are valuable to anyone who wants to cook with speed in mind, which makes them a great idea if you want to test out your recipes for your friends and family at a barbecue or backyard party. Regardless of what your need is, you have a lot of options in terms of fuel type.


Cooking is a hands-on process, and many of us enjoy the intricacies of on the fly cooking techniques. Adding a little spice here and there, keeping an eye on the food, and generally being involved is a fun part of making a meal. Some of us also like to put something in the oven and leave it until it’s ready. Meat smokers come in a variety of options to cater to either side of the argument. Some smokers need you to be rotating, checking temperature, adding fuel, while others can be programmed, set and forgot about until your food is ready. Before you buy a smoker, know how much control you want over your cooking capacities and decide which fits your needs best.

Size and versatility

How much space do you have or want to cook? Smokers can get very large so do your research and measurements as to how much space is available for your cooking needs. Versatility fits into this as well because saving space can mean getting a smoker that is also coupled with a grill. These are wonderful for cooking in your backyard or if you want to go camping. 

Buying your first meat smoker is a fun time when you know what you are looking for. If you are looking to beef up (pun intended) your cooking capabilities, these appliances are massively fun to use. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from very small and portable to incredibly large. Price range also varies greatly as you can pick up a meat smoker for cheap or for as much as a car costs. You should also know what kind of fuel you plan to use as this will affect the flavor profiles of your food and know what features you want in a smoker, like the ability to control much of the cooking process. Use this guide wisely and get cooking!

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