Can A Psychic Help You Get Through These Difficult Times?

Can A Psychic Help You Get Through These Difficult Times?

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, people online have spoken about various prophecies and predictions that this would happen. A Dean Koontz novel spoke about a virus originating in Wuhan, China. Psychic Sylvia Browne warned of the emergence of a pneumonia-like illness in 2020. People like these premonitions, because they indicate that something bigger is at play.

However, anyone who can tell you how this will play out is lying. We’ve seen time and time again that so-called prophets make a range of predictions, using the accurate guesses as proof of their clairvoyance while conveniently forgetting the vast majority they got wrong.

For this reason, you might roll your eyes at anyone who tells you they are seeing a psychic to help them through these tough times. Can a psychic really offer anything other than vague reassurances?

The truth is that the idea we have of psychics only reflects the con artists and charlatans. Honest psychics who take themselves seriously do not magically see into the future. They can’t tell you what will happen tomorrow, let alone next month or next year. However, they do offer something legitimate.

Psychic therapy

Good psychics do not claim to know the future. Rather, they meet with you, whether in person or via phone, and are able to read your energies. In a sense, they are like good psychologists. They understand people and are very intuitive. They are also able to access your psychic auras, and can therefore give you insight that you could not have seen for yourself.

The best tarot reading, for example, uses cards to reveal truths about who you are, how you are feeling, and what your internal motivations might be. The process of interpretation is much more important than the cards alone. This is why not everyone can be a good tarot card reader. It is not because the energies are not there, but because their interpretations are not valid.

You can also get a palm reading, which will tell you a lot about your life as a whole, from birth until death. These readings are great at any time of your life, as they can direct you along the correct path. Your palm does change throughout your life, but many aspects remain the same, pointing to fixed personality traits and the kinds of challenges you are likely to face.


How about astrology? The Zodiac tends to provide good information about the present and the immediate future. Stars do not determine what is going to happen on earth. However, their energies impact the way people feel and behave, which leads to certain decisions, types of movements, and levels of resilience.

Learning about how the current position of the stars affects you can help you prepare to better handle the crisis, no matter how it progresses. The feelings and behaviors you can expect in yourself and others will determine the way you react to these hard times.

Psychics in a time of COVID-19

What can psychics do in a time of COVID-19? There are certainly many people who flock to psychics for predictions on when the crisis will end and what will happen next. They are looking for reassurance and are willing to suspend their disbelief.

But psychics are useful during this time because they are intuitive and can offer practical advice. They can tell you what you need to hear right now. A guess at the future won’t help you in any real way. However, an understanding of yourself will help you get through the crisis and come out of it stronger.

Psychics have been given a bad name by the con artists who claim to know things they simply cannot know. Sylvia Browne, who predicted a 2020 virus, was infamous for giving inaccurate information to parents whose children were missing, causing some to give up on kids who were still alive.

When you do consider going to see a psychic, you need to be aware that only the charlatans will give you this kind of information. Rather, go for a reading that will help you get clarity on yourself, regardless of the future.


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