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Can Cloud Access Security Broker Solve Growing Threat of Security Breaches in 2020?

Can Cloud Access Security Broker Solve Growing Threat of Security Breaches in 2020?

Digital security breaches have become a growing concern in recent years. Between 2005 and 2020, over 10 billion data breacheshave occurred in the United States alone. 

As data security becomes more important, cyber security professionals and hackers are competing in a digital arms race with each other. Hackers are developing more sophisticated tools, which makes their attacks more complicated and causes far greater losses for their victims. At the same time, cyber security professionals are unleashing new tools of their own, which can help fortify their networks against increasingly brazen cyber-attacks. 

One of the newest defenses against cyber-attacks are cloud access security brokers (CASB). These new security solutions can be extremely effective at thwarting cloud-based attacks. They can stop a new generation of cyberattacks and meet the compliance standards of most regulators all over the world. However, they need to be properly set up and maintained. 

What is a cloud access security broker? 

A cloud access security breaker is sort of like an internal regulator for activity of the company’s cloud resources. It is a buffer between cloud users and cloud services. Every cloud access security broker has a set of policies and protocols governing the use of cloud resources under its domain. 

There are several reasons companies have started utilizing cloud-based security brokers. The three biggest reasons are listed below. 

Regulating the accessibility of various cloud services 

Many traditional cloud security platforms have a very binary approach to regulating accessibility of cloud tools and services. If you want to restrict a particular cloud service that raises potential security concerns, then you need to usually block accessibility of call similar services. These archaic cloud security solutions usually give enterprises far too little discussion about the services they would like to allow. The trade off with greater cloud security is the sacrificing of accessibility to valuable cloud services. 

Cloud access security brokers offer far more flexibility. Network administrators can restrict accessibility of every cloud service to ensure the proper balance between functionality and security.

Adherence to critical cloud security regulations 

Digital security regulations are becoming more stringent. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the harshest data protection regulations to date. Penalties for violating this regulation can include up to 5% of global revenue or €20 million. The State of California has also created its own data protection initiative, which imposes strict fines as well. 

The cloud has made compliance more complicated than ever. There are several challenges enterprises face as they try to ensure their cloud resources adhere to data protection requirements: 

  • They need to determine the location of cloud apps and the server location where data is stored and processed.
  • They need to identify potential causes of data loss and unauthorized access and modification. 
  • They need to make sure that all cloud services are administered in a way that aligns with the agreements with their end users.
  • They must make sure only necessary data is collected and processed. 
  • They need to make sure cloud apps are not able to use personal data for unapproved purposes. 
  • These measures become even more challenging as a new cloud apps and services are used.

Fortunately, cloud access security brokers can be structured to adhere to all of these guidelines. A client access security broker will minimize the risk of regulatory infractions and penalties. 

Exceptional data security 

The primary advantage of cloud access security brokers is improved security. All cloud resources will be far more secure if they are under the governance of a CASB.

You need to make sure that all resources are properly structured to maximize security. This will be especially important if your organization is a high-risk target for security breaches.

Cloud access security brokers are an important line of defense against cloud attacks 

Cloud-based attacks are becoming more common every month. Every organization needs to make cloud security one of their top priorities. Fortunately, a new generation of cloud access security brokers can significantly reduce these threats.

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