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Can Island Tables Boost Visual Merchandising For Your Grocery Store?

Can Island Tables Boost Visual Merchandising For Your Grocery Store?

Do you have a grocery store? Or are you planning to open one? If you have answered yes to both the questions, then you need to plan your visual merchandising correctly. The modern-day audience counts on the grocery store display of products to make an extra purchase. And for that, you need to choose your tables accordingly. Most successful grocery stores count on the island table for showcasing their best products.

The purpose of visual merchandising in a grocery store

Simply put, visual merchandising is the process of showcasing products in a way so that customers don’t have to search too much for brown bread, cheese spread, and other salty snacks. The merchandise displays are done carefully to provide the best grocery shopping experience to the users. Before you decide on the market or island tables for your grocery store, it is essential to know the objective of visual merchandising displays. It is to:

  • Enhance the brand image  You will want the customers to remember your grocery store brand! For this, you need to be able to provide them all they need in front of their eyes. Island tables are the best way to do that.  
  • Impact consumer buying habits – Island tables are broad and can display several products. It means one table can have pizza and pita bread, cheese of many kinds, peanut butter, jam, and butter. The idea is to impress the buyer with several products that are on display. Chances are customers will come to purchase one or two products and end up buying a few more products, getting impressed by the presentation of the same.

The primary objective of visual merchandising is to sell more products without adopting a “sales-y” approach. 

The utility island tables 

Considering their layout, design, and shape, the island tables are perfect for grocery stores. It helps to display all kinds of grocery products from spices, sauces, bread, butter, and cakes. You can choose from the three island table types:

  • The contemporary island table – As the name suggests, this table has a compact design and allows small storage. But the look is impressive, so you can see it on the cash counter table, and display new grocery brands that your store is trying to promote.  
  • The classic island table – This table has an industrial look. It mostly has steel legs and a composite top. The table also comes with a lower-shelf that has a complete width. 
  • The classic hybrid table – If you want to make a difference with your small but utility-driven grocery store, opt-in for this island table type. It is a balanced blend of both contemporary and classic island table. The table has steel legs and a composite top as well. 

Each table has a different size. Hence, you can decide the displays accordingly. For instance, you can invest more in the classic island tables to showcase most of the grocery products. The contemporary and hybrid island tables can get used for showcasing the new brands that you want to promote. Each table has different price brackets as well. You can compare and choose to ensure it caters to the budget capacity. 


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