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Can You Bypass Geographical Restrictions on Amazon Fire TVs?

Can You Bypass Geographical Restrictions on Amazon Fire TVs?

The entertainment world has changed significantly over the years. One of the most notable changes is the different options available for entertainment like the Amazon Fire TVs. Just like Apple TV, with Amazon Fire Tv you can make entertainment selections via on-screen menus featuring movies, TV shows, and apps. You can do so with the help of its remote control and the use of the best VPN for firestick 2020.

However, one of the greatest flaws of the Amazon Fire Tv is its geographical restrictions. Unfortunately, Amazon only offers these services in select countries. If you are not living in those select countries you can’t access the services and features Amazon Fire TVs offer.

But, you need not to worry about the restrictions, as there is a solution. So, can you bypass geographical restrictions on Amazon Fire TVs? The answer to this question is Yes. The solution to resolving geographical restriction is by the use of a Virtual Private Network—VPN and other methods. A VPN allows you to switch your IP address to a different location; thus, making the content available.

A virtual private network helps you create a secure tunnel when using a public internet connection. VPNs, use authentication and encryption to ensure your information is kept away from security risks like hackers. Therefore, make sure that the data and resources you share have no personal information.  This prevents your data from being hacked or compromised. When it comes to bypassing geographical restrictions ensure you use a VPN that works with BBC iplayer.

What is Geo-Restriction 

Geo-restriction is the practice most companies use to block access to their services and content based on their user’s location. For example, Amazon Fire TVs. If you try to access their services from another region apart the United States you are immediately redirected. This is possible because their site can see your location immediately when you try to access their services or content.

Every single device that is connected to the internet is given a dedicated IP address. When you access Amazon Fire TVs with any device, they can easily determine your IP address, as the service provider reveals some details about you. 

Though your device cannot reveal your exact IP address, what it does communicate is the region you are using the internet from. 

Why Do Geo-restrictions Exist?

Geo-restrictions exist because licensing regulations play a significant role in the broadcasting of content in every country. Content providers have to pay a significant amount of money to buy licensing rights from a particular country. This type of system did make sense during the days when radio and television were major players. Countries had specific channels with their own budgets and audience.

However, since streaming has become a sensation over the past few years, these regulations are creating problems. Content licensing still wants to adhere to what was considered a norm. In truth, the internet has connected the world. With such a connection, there should be no reason why people cannot access a particular website while in a different country.

Luckily for users facing geo-restrictions on Amazon Fire TVs, here are some ways you can bypass the restriction.

  1. By Masking your IP address using a VPN

As mentioned earlier, a VPN or a virtual private network is a cybersecurity measure that helps you create an encrypted connection from the device over the internet to the network. The encrypted connection then connects your device to a proxy server. This then helps mask your IP address and eventually hide your location.

Once your location is hidden, you acquire a virtual location. VPN providers utilize tunneling to help hide your online data. It also helps make your activity untraceable. VPNs work on the system and browser level. This means that every app you use on your computer and mobile can easily change its IP address.

It is important to note that VPN providers are different and they offer their services at different prices as well. This means it is essential to look for a VPN provider that offers the most suitable services to use on streaming platforms. 

  • Use of a Proxy Server

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between Amazon Fire TVs and another server from which you are requesting the service. This method also uses an IP address to access the geo-restriction page, but what makes it different is its use of local caching. This helps deliver faster responses to the websites you visit. 

  • Use of a Smart DNS Service

A smart DNS service works by changing your real DNS address. Rather than changing your IP address like other solutions, the DNS service overrides the selected DNS entries that help in revealing a person’s geo-location. Your connection is then re-routed by a proxy server to the location where the website is located. This means that your location is the country where viewing the content is permitted. 

Since geo-restriction is applied because of the visibility of your IP address while surfing the internet, the best way to view geo-restricted content is by hiding your IP address. Sticking to the use of VPNs has proved to be a reliable solution, as they are more secure. Also, your browsing speed will not be affected. 

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