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Canandaigua NY Car Service Tips For Knowing When Your Car Needs A Checkup

Canandaigua NY Car Service Tips For Knowing When Your Car Needs A Checkup

Owning a car lets you travel with comfort. You can go out anytime and anywhere, with no worries about hailing a cab just to get to your destination. 

However, your vehicle can become a risk if mechanical failures occur as a result of not taking it for regular checkups. A car is an important part of your everyday life. Thus, you need to ensure your safety and comfort with regular maintenance. Take action immediately when you notice signs of car trouble. 

Here are the signs you need to bring your car for a checkup: 

Unusual Noises

The purr when you turn on your ignition keys, or the smooth sound while driving your vehicle are signs that nothing’s wrong with your car. However, when you hear a strange noise from your auto, such as squeaking, grinding, or groaning, something may be wrong.

Your car may need a check-up or repair. Don’t ignore unusual sounds as they may be signs of car problems. If you hear the following noises, they may mean the following:

  • Squealing – You need to replace your pad breaks when you hear a high pitched squeal when you step on your brake pad. The squealing may mean worn-out brake pads. Otherwise, if the squeal is coming from under your hood, your serpentine belt may be worn out or loose. The serpentine belt powers up the major systems of your car. When the serpentine belt snaps, it can cause overheating or damage to your engine. 
  • Grinding – This sound means the rotor and calipers are grinding against each other because of worn brake pads. You need to check your car when you hear this, as worn brakes don’t work correctly, which could cause a crash. 
  • Groaning – If you hear a whine and groan when you turn your steering wheel, bring your car for a check-up. A groaning yawn from an unresponsive and stiff steering wheel may mean your power-steering pump’s about to go. When left unchecked, the problem may worsen, and you may lose control of your steering wheel.
  • Roaring – If your engine produces a sound like a grumpy cat, it may mean your battery’s draining. With a dead battery, your car won’t start.

If, after a checkup, you find out your car is beyond repair, then it might be time to buy a new one. You can click here to explore your options. 

Wheel Alignment Is Off

Wheel alignment is the adjustment of the wheels’ angles, according to the specifications of the car manufacturer. Alignment is vital to car maintenance and is also known as tracking or breaking. If you have a perfectly-aligned car, you can lessen fuel consumption, prevent premature wear and tear, drive easily, and get better tire mileage. 

However, if your car alignment is off, you can damage the components of your suspension. As a result, it’ll cost you more on repairs. Here are the following signs that may mean your car alignment is off:

  • When you rotate or maneuver, and your steering wheel feels heavy on one side
  • When you point your steering wheel straight, and your car heads to the left or right side
  • When your tires show signs of wear and tear, either on the inside or outside edges
  • When your steering wheel doesn’t rotate to the center on its own when you turn your steering wheel at a 360-degree angle

Burnt Smell

The smell that your car emits can indicate its condition. For instance, if you hit your brakes hard on steep roads, your car may give off a sharp, chemical odor. This smell may mean an overheated clutch or brakes. 

Aside from the smell, the smoke coming from the wheel may be a sign of a stuck brake caliper. Thus, you may need immediate repair before you continue driving your vehicle. Driving your car before the caliper gets repaired may cause overheating, as your wheel rotor comes in contact with the brake pad often.

Bouncing Ride

A smooth ride along Canandaigua, NY streets is the work of your car’s shock absorbers. They control the movement and impact of your car’s suspension and springs, so you won’t feel too many vibrations and bumps. Most importantly, your shock absorbers are also responsible for keeping your tires in contact with the surface of the road. As a result, you can easily control your auto.

However, it’s time to bring your car for a checkup and get your shock absorbers replaced if you encounter these signs:

  • You experience an uncomfortable and bouncy ride because your tires can’t maintain proper contact with the road
  • Your tires produce a thumping sound as a result of worn shock absorbers.
  • Your steering wheel vibrates despite driving on a smooth road.
  • Your car tends to swerve uncontrollably when you hit your brake due to worn shock absorbers.

Your car is your constant companion while on the roads of Canandaigua, NY. However, your can cause harm or discomfort when it’s not functioning well. Instead of keeping you safe, your car may endanger you and others when you don’t maintain your vehicle.

You don’t need to wait for your car’s scheduled checkup to find out if your car has problems. When notice the signs above, bring your car for a checkup immediately. Ignoring these signs might only lead to further damage on your vehicle, or even cause accidents.

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