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Canine Cravings: A Guide to Giving Your Dog CBD Pet Treats Safely

Canine Cravings: A Guide to Giving Your Dog CBD Pet Treats Safely

For most pet owners, there’s little you wouldn’t do for your furry friend. We all want the best for the animals that are the additional members of our family. For a lot of pet owners in the past year or two, that’s meant investing in some CBD pet treats. 

Do you have a dog that is anxious and hyperactive? What about one that is getting on in years and is feeling old and achey? Many pet owners in both situations swear by CBD products as a solution for their pets’ woes. And since you care about your pooch’s well-being, you might feel tempted to reach for some CBD treats as well.

But what should you know about safely administering such treats? And what is CBD, really, anyway? Read on, and we’ll walk you through all the information that you should know before feeding your dog CBD pet treats. 

What Is CBD Oil? 

There’s been something of an explosion of CBD popularity in the past year. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you probably can’t walk past a cafe or health food store without seeing an advertisement for some CBD-related product. 

CBD oil is a compound that is found in cannabis and hemp. Which, yes, is the same source as marijuana. Given marijuana’s controversial existence for much of American history, you’d be forgiven for casting a skeptical eye in CBD oil’s direction. 

But the broader acceptance of marijuana around the country has also led to better use and popularization of cannabis’ other benefits. CBD is NOT marijuana and does not contain the THC that gives weed it’s more psychoactive properties. 

Instead, CBD oil can help to relieve tension and bring about some relaxation and comfort to the body. That’s why it’s become such a popular product to mix in with everything from face wash to coffee. 

But how can CBD oil help man’s best friend? The answers are still being studied. 

How Can CBD Help My Pet? 

The CBD explosion has happened across a variety of industries. Health food stores and cafes have jumped aboard, sure, but so have pet stores. CBD oil for dogs and cats has begun to pop up in all sorts of animal-friendly shops around the country. 

In most situations, CBD for pets comes in the form of an edible treat. These treats are designed to appeal to pets’ and provide an easily digestible solution. Once a dog eats a CBD treat, their bodies will digest the treat and send some cannabinoids to the bloodstream. 

These cannabinoids can help to influence mood and relieve pain in humans, and the same could be said for your canine. Studies are still ongoing when it comes to CBD and dogs, but early results havebeen positive. Dogs with arthritis, anxiety, bloating, and so forth can help find relief via these CBD treats. 

CBD also is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can be a great aid for dogs facing such issues. It can also be highly beneficial to help increase appetite in canines who may not be eating when they should.

Most evidence of CBD treat effectiveness is at this point anecdotal. Official research by organizations such as the American Vet Medical Association has yet to reach official conclusions. But thousands of dog owners across the country, online and in-person, swear by the miracle effects of such threats. 

What About Side Effects? 

As with any form of medication, there is always a chance of side effects when using CBD treats. But in most cases, the risk of negative side effects seem low and rarely occur. 

It can be important to keep an eye out for side effects when feeding your dog CBD treats regardless. The most common and least worrying side effect would be drowsiness or a sedated nature. A sense of relaxation is the goal of a CBD treat, but if your dog is TOO sleepy, you may want to decrease their dosage next time. 

More concerning symptoms you want to look out for include trouble walking. Dogs have more natural cannabinoids in the brain than humans, meaning they might react stronger to the presence of CBD. Too much CBD can overload their brain, making it difficult for them to walk and stand upright. 

The CBD dosage in individual treats is relatively low, so as long as you are treating your dog responsibly, this shouldn’t be an issue. But if you do notice your dog having trouble functioning after ingesting CBD treats, you should take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible. 

How Much CBD Should I Give To My Pet? 

With most CBD products, less is more. As you read above, too much CBD can actually be potentially harmful to a canine. So you absolutely do not want to unload a full bag on a dog at once. 

It’s best to start with the lowest dosage possible and slowly work upwards if you don’t see any changes or results from your four-legged friend. Proper dosage may depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your dog and the condition they’re struggling with. 

For example, a dog struggling with seizures will likely need to have a higher dosage of CBD than a dog that is simply fighting anxiety. 

There is a general rule of thumb you can follow when figuring out how much CBD to give a dog. You should start with 1mg of CBD per 10lbs of your dog’s body weight. This is a very small dosage but should provide a proper ratio to get started with. 

It’s good to stick with such a small dosage for at least a week or two, then to slowly increase the dosage until the intended benefits become clear. It is essential that you stay by your animal’s side and observe the effects during this period of time. All animals should be treated as individual cases, and it’s important to study the impact CBD may be having on your dog. 

It can also be a very good idea to talk to your veterinarian before giving CBD treats to your dog. This is doubly true if your dog is already on some other form of medication. The last thing you want is to mix CBD with existing medication if it could produce a negative effect. 

What To Look For In A CBD Treat

CBD treats for pets is still a new field. As such, it’s important to take the same caution in purchasing a product for your dog as you would for yourself. There are certain steps you should take to ensure that you are buying a product safe for your canine. 

First and foremost, only buy from reputable brands and sellers. You’ll want to purchase from a seller that is reachable and has some form of customer support. That way, if you want to ask questions about the product’s origins or manufacturing process, you’ll have the ability to do so. 

The treat in question should be made free of mold, pesticides, and toxins. A seller should be able to provide a lab report that proves such a thing. Buying CBD treats advertised as organic should increase your confidence in the non-toxic nature of the treats in question. 

Don’t go for an option just because it’s cheaper. When it comes to CBD treats, you’ll want the best money can buy. Lower-priced options might be less safe or less effective for your dog, negating the reason why you’re purchasing the treats, to begin with. 

Ensure before buying that the THC levels in the treats you’re purchasing are low or non-existent. You’re purchasing these treats to help relax your dog, not get them high. If a THC amount is not listed online or on the packaging, it might be worth reaching out directly to the seller in question. 

CBD Pet Treats For Your Dog 

If your dog is suffering from anxiety or pain, you likely want to do anything to help them get through it. CBD pet treats can be a great way to treat these ailments and provide better peace of mind for your canine companion.

There’s a lot of research and care you should take when first giving your dog CBD treats. But if you approach the matter with care and attention, you should be able to help your dog safely and efficiently.

Have more questions or need more advice about taking care of your pets? Check out our blog for more. 

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