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Car Seat Confidence – How to Make Your Car More Baby-Friendly

Car Seat Confidence – How to Make Your Car More Baby-Friendly

Travelling with a baby can be a pretty demanding affair, especially in those early days. But you’ll be glad to hear that there are steps you can take to make sure that your baby always has a ton of fun in transit. If you’re looking to make your car as baby-friendly as possible, follow this handy little guide.

Get a car seat!

From your standard front-facing seats to capsules and convertibles, there’s a variety of car seats out there to choose from. No matter your choice, you’ll benefit from seeking out some accredited car seat fitting services. Ensuring that your car seat is properly installed isn’t just recommended for your child’s immediate safety and security when travelling.

Properly fitted child restraints can mean the difference between negative and positive travel experiences, with expertly installed car seats usually holding immense positive impacts on your baby’s comfort, to the point where most parents find that their usually rowdy travellers end up becoming happy little passengers. It’s also recommended that you encourage your child to look forward to trips in the car, and so gifting them with their very own car seat should help them develop strong positive connotations with travelling in ‘their chair’.

Essential supplies

Whilst kids of different ages may require unique supplies, there are still some essentials you’ll need to provide to make sure that your children stay comfortable, especially on longer journeys. Veteran parents will know that keeping a bundle of spare clothes (and maybe even shoes) as well as a few snacks in your car is just as important as keeping a pair of jumper cables in your boot. Alongside this, little lifesavers like sunscreen, baby wipes, tissues and the like, will quickly become your greatest resources.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep a basic first aid kit in your glove box just in case, packed with band-aids, alcohol wipes, and small tools like tweezers, an emergency sewing kit, and safety pins. Be sure to utilise all the flexible storage space that you’ve got in your car, including your seatbacks, as well as the further nooks and crannies of your boot. Take a look at some of these fun D.I.Y. car organisers, and be inspired to find your own creative solutions for lugging around your parental load. And remember, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.


From keeping a good stock of stuffed animals to fitting them with a pair of headphones and a substantial collection of ‘Peppa Pig’ videos, keeping your kids entertained on long car trips can mean a whole number of things. As we travel further into this growing technological age, a lot of parents have embraced fitting their seat backs with tablet holders so that their little travellers can enjoy some lively children’s media. And it’s well known that there is plenty of positives and negatives to providing younger children with screen time, but you’ll be glad to hear that keeping a tablet for visual and audio entertainment can actually be a fantastic way of ensuring your children stay mentally stimulated on longer journeys.

Listening to music together during car trips can also make for some instant fun, taking the monotony out of your baby’s first few car journeys. Start off with softer, inviting melodies like traditional nursery rhymes, before moving onto poppy music with memorable lyrics. The power of singalongs cannot be understated!

It can seem tricky making car trips a positive experience for your baby at first, but this is primarily due to the fact that car trips are new and exciting for not just your baby, but also for you as a parent. Rest assured that with the help of these little tips and tricks, you’ll find yourself setting off on family road trips in no time at all.

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