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Cards Improve the Workplace

Cards Improve the Workplace

Smart cards have become commonplace in the leisure, public transport, and hospitality sectors. If you have ever stayed in a hotel, ridden on a bus, visited a gym or topped up a cellphone, you will have used a smart card (or a device with the same technology embedded in it). 

Smart cards are the same shape and size as credit cards and have a small chip embedded within them which provides the card with its memory and processor. Smart cards are regularly used in consumer applications. 

But have you encountered smart card technology in the workplace? Smart cards are increasingly used as secure and convenient solutions for workplace security and access. Here are some of the ways in which smart cards can make life easier, and security more effective, at work. 

1. Smart Cards Are Versatile

Smart card technology in the workplace can be used for a variety of different purposes. The versatility of the smart card allows the technology to be used for building entry, PC logon, cashless vending, and access to workplace leisure facilities like gyms. Smart cards can also be used in numerous different industries, from healthcare to finance. 

2. Smart Cards Are Convenient

As they are used in a variety of settings, smart cards are convenient. There is no need for employees to remember multiple PINs or passwords for accessing different aspects of the workplace. There is no need to carry multiple cards or different keys, which will inevitably get lost or damaged. Smart cards provide a convenient, one-point system for employees. Smart cards can also be contactless, which makes them even easier to use. 

3. Smart Cards Are Secure

The use of a smart card to log onto a PC or access a room requires two factors for authentication. That is, the user will need the smart card, which has a unique chip, and also the PIN. If the card is lost, it will not be able to be used by someone who does not have the PIN. Lost cards can be invalidated through the main system and replaced. Smart cards have also been improved in terms of security so that they are very difficult to clone or to hack. 

4. Smart Cards Are Economical

Smart cards are an economical investment for any size of business since their cost compares favorably with other security methods. There are many different options in terms of design and material; cheap smart cards are readily available that still combine security and convenience advantages.

5. Smart Cards Are Easy to Use

And smart cards make life easier at work. All the employee needs to do is put the card in the reader and input their PIN. Or, with contactless cards, simply wave the card at the machine. Once the card has been set up by IT, there is very little to remember, and access can easily be granted to different parts of the building or security systems depending on the employee’s position.  


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