Carmine Appice ‘Stick It – My Life Of Sex, Drums & Rock N Roll’

Carmine Appice ‘Stick It – My Life Of Sex, Drums & Rock N Roll’
The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room

Last Tuesday night, at the Cutting Room in New York City, legendary drummer Carmine Appice launched his long awaited   book with the best party in town. Sitting on stage behind his drums Appice dished about his time working with Sharon and Ozzie Ozbourne. What an unbelievable story. Joing Carmine on stage were Paul Schaffer (Letterman Show) and Mark Hudson. The book is full of juice details of an incredible life. It ‘s Chicago Review Press has set a May 1 release date for “Stick It!: My Life Of Sex, Drums, And Rock ‘N’ Roll”, The book was co-written by Ian Gittins, who wrote “The Heroin Diaries” with MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx.

Carmine Appice

Carmine Appice signing his book

Official book description: “Carmine Appice has enjoyed a jaw-dropping rock-and-roll life — and now he is telling his scarcely believable story. Appice ran with teenage gangs in Brooklyn before becoming a global rock star in the Summer of Love, managed by the Mob. He hung with Hendrix, unwittingly paid for an unknown Led Zeppelin to support him on tour, taught John Bonham to play drums (and helped Fred Astaire too), and took part in Zeppelin’s infamous deflowering of a groupie with a mud shark. After enrolling in Rod Stewart’s infamous Sex Police, he hung out with Kojak, accidentally shared a house with Prince, was blood brothers with Ozzy Osbourne and was fired by Sharon. He formed an all-blond hair-metal band, jammed with John McEnroe and Steven Seagal, got married five times, slept with 4,500 groupies — and, along the way, became a rock legend by single-handedly reinventing hard rock and heavy metal drumming. His memoir, ‘Stick It!’, is one of the most extraordinary and outrageous rock-and-roll books of the early twenty-first century.”

Carol Ross Durborow , Ray Kelly

Carol Ross Durborow and Ray Kelly

Appice is widely considered to be one of the most accomplished showmen in rock and is the recipient of numerous awards, including dozens of gold and platinum selling records. Carmine co-wrote such monster-selling hits as “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” and “Young Turks”.

Carmine Appice

Carmine Appice

Gene Cornish

Gene Cornish

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson

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