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Catalog of wedding dresses: how to choose the perfect option?

Catalog of wedding dresses: how to choose the perfect option?

So, it happened – you’ve received a marriage proposal. Probably, at this moment, the future bride already starts to imagine what her wedding dress will look like. Of course, you have to listen to the advice and recommendations of friends, sisters, mothers. The catalog of wedding dresses contains dozens of luxury models. It is really difficult to decide on the “very” dress. Today, we will look at the most common mistakes that interfere with brides in the process of choosing the perfect wedding gown.

Selection of the wrong silhouette

All wedding dresses are divided into types of silhouettes. At the initial stage, it is worth to decide which particular silhouette suits your type of figure. So, for example, A-silhouettes and models with a closed top will be suitable for girls with triangle body shape. They will balance the shoulders and the bottom. Be sure to communicate with a consultant. They will tell you which models from the wedding dresses collection will emphasize your merits and hide your imperfection.

Leave your “support group” outside the fitting room

The desire to help a close person with the choice of a wedding dress is quite natural. Problems begin when the “support group” grows in sizes, and each person wants to express an opinion on the selected dress models. Persistent advice, criticism, joyful exclamations – all this can lead you away from your dream dress. It is better to view wedding collections with two or three of the closest people.

Earlier doesn’t always mean better

If you start trying on models a year and a half before the wedding, without knowing other details (style or place of celebration), most likely you will fall in love with some of the gowns. And the fear that “your perfect dress” will get another bride can significantly spoil the mood. Start choosing a dress when you have decided on the style and place of celebration.

Guess the size

Many brides, looking through the catalog of wedding dresses, are planning to buy a gown one size smaller. It’s better not to do this. Perhaps this will be an additional incentive to lose weight by the celebration date, but the risk is too high. 

Moreover, you should not give too much attention to size, the main thing is how the dress fits your body shape. If suddenly, at the time of the wedding, it will be a bit larger, it is much easier to tailor this gown than vice versa, in the case of a small plus in kilograms.

Within budget

The collection of wedding dresses contains many models, from budget to expensive ones. Consider and try on only those options that fit into your budget. The risk of falling in love with a dress that significantly exceeds the planned budget is very high – you will compare all other unique gowns with that “very expensive” dress. And it will cause unnecessary nervousness and disappointment.

Choose a dress with a clear head and a pure heart – you will be the queen at your wedding anyway!


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