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CATCH’N Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay Launches This Week in NYC

CATCH’N Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay Launches This Week in NYC

This  July 29 New York City will welcome a very sweet new business.

CATCH’N Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay is the first-of-its-kind interactive ice cream store focused on an immersive customer experience.  Located at the historic Bayard–Condict Building on 65 Bleecker St, the ice cream parlor will serve as a perfect setting for one of the biggest names in the industry.

Dylan Lemay is set to launch the exciting new store with the proud backing of fans who have passionately followed his journey to this dream come true moment of opening in New York City. Considered the largest ice cream-focused digital creator in the world with over 14.4 million followers on YouTube, he began his digital career by mastering short-form content and sharing his genuine and contagious passion for all things ice cream through daily videos.

To experience his store is to feel fun and nostalgia for the good old-fashioned treat that he puts a very modern twist on. The space is centered around a huge cold slab counter where staff chop, fold, and throw Dylan’s signature ice cream balls to customers, immersing patrons in the experience from the moment they walk through the doors to the moment they leave, and even before and after through innovative digital components.

The second you enter the fun begins. Sweet tastes and delicious treats surround you in every corner of the store. Indulge in flavors such as Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Cookie Dough, Fun and Sparkly, Strawberry and Coffee. But this is more than a simple scoop-and-go ice cream parlor; it’s an entirely new kind of kinetic and sensory experience that puts each customer in the spotlight.

The space is centered around a huge cold slab counter where staff chop, fold, and throw Dylan’s signature ice cream balls to customers. Using one-of-a-kind hoses to fill custom ice cream ball molds and blast freeze them to -35 degrees F. Then we pop the balls out of the molds and gets coated in a specialty chocolate shell, which is mixed in a bountiful mix of delicious treats to create a unique layer of joy. Once you select your flavor, ice cream ballers create a fun and entertaining show where they toss and then chop, chop, fold, fold in all the sweet goodness. Finally, your ice cream is hugged back into a ball and thrown into a cup.

Beyond the ice cream balls there are also cakes to enjoy and create your own party with a group that will celebrate the best things in life. And of course, none of this would of been possible without the platform of YouTube, that gave Lemay a pathway to sweet stardom.

“Honestly, without videos I think I’d be really sad because the videos really helped me like find something fun and feel like accomplished as an adult. If you’re just making ice cream, a lot of people look down on you,” he says. “But when you have millions of people watching you make ice cream, people don’t look down on you anymore. And so that’s one thing that I would encourage other people with too is if you have something you love and you care about, find a fun way to share with others is not only make you feel better, but it will remind you that there are other people that enjoy the stuff you enjoy too. And the world is a lot bigger and a lot smaller than you ever think it is.”

Here is to creating your own delicious and magical tastes this summer!



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