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CBD Oil Regulations: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil Regulations: What You Need to Know

CBD Oil Regulations: What You Need to Know

It is understandable to be confused when it comes to the overall health benefits of CBD oil. Some people might be confused regarding the potential for intoxication Thankfully, cannabidiol is not one of the compounds responsible for the ‘high’ feeling associated with regular cannabis. There are also plenty of applications when it comes to the overall health benefits which make CBD oil a great complementary form of treatment.

Having said all of that, there are potential stumbling blocks when it comes to the use of CBD oil. It is crucial to understand how CBD oil regulations work, to ensure that you do not accidentally break any federal laws. When it comes to the purchase, distribution and use of cannabidiol oil and all products where it is an active ingredient, you need to be sure you’re staying within the legal framework.

Keep in mind the CBD oil is not yet legal in every form

When it comes to products that happen to contain cannabis and cannabis-related compounds, it is the remit of the Food and Drug Administration to deal with regulation. As of the moment, the FDA is still trying to figure out the best way to regulate CBD oil, which is why it is not yet legal in many areas of the country.

The golden rule when it comes to CBD oil is that any type of food or dietary supplement that happens to include cannabidiol in any form is barred from interstate commerce.

What an interstate commerce ban means for CBD oil

What an interstate commerce ban entails is that states which have legalized the use of CBD oil are not allowed to sell such products outside of the state. If Arizona – a state where CBD oil is legal – begins to sell food or dietary products, those products are not allowed to be sold in other states.

That said, for a consumer, bringing CBD oil products outside of the state or onto a plane is not as complicated as it might seem. If the product is in line with Farm Bill requirements, it will not cause any legal issues. Even CBD that happens to be derived from hemp will still be allowed, provided the level of THC is no higher than 0.3%.

Potential restrictions on the purchase of CBD products

While many states allow CBD oil for sale within their borders, there are still plenty of states that place restrictions on the purchase of CBD products. For example, California law states that CBD is illegal in all foods and beverages, as well as a few other products. With regard to food products and derivatives, California does not have any regulations with regards to manufacturing, selling, and the purchasing of such products. Before you decide on going ahead with the purchase of CBD products, it is crucial to look into your state’s laws first and foremost so you stay legal.

The FDA is still trying to evaluate the overall potential of CBD-infused products, though the future’s looking bright. There was a time when all things related to marijuana were illegal. Change is gradual but in the main, the future of CBD infused products is looking bright.



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