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Celebrity Beauty Trends To Try At Home

Celebrity Beauty Trends To Try At Home

Celebrities have been forefronting beauty trends throughout time. In 2017, the popularity of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have put us more under the influence of the stars than ever before. We can now follow their diets, try their exercise regimes and see exactly how they apply their make-up and style their hair. Here are some of the latest celebrity beauty trends which you can try for yourself at home.

Teeth Whitening

These days, most stars are known for flaunting their pearly whites on the red carpet. White teeth can help you to look healthier and more vibrant. If you’re looking for a reliable Dentist London to provide you with the white smile of your dreams, there are plenty to choose from. Alternatively, why not try one of the home kits which have been shared across social media recently? From oil pulling to charcoal toothpaste, there are a number of affordable teeth whitening solutions to try.

Face Masks

Face masks have been a beauty staple among teenagers everywhere for years. More recently the fun peel-off mask has had a grown-up update and celebrities everywhere have been sharing selfies of themselves mid-mask. From deep cleaning charcoal masks to refreshing sheet masks, there are a huge variety of luxurious and affordable masks to try for yourself. Bella Hadid and Brie Larson have even shared their holiday mask routines on social media.

Going Bare

In the past, heavy make-up with full face coverage, strong brows and well done eyeliner was a popular look among celebrities. In 2017, this look has been toned down considerably with many celebrities choosing glowy, natural make-up looks. Although you might need a deceiving number of products to pull off the look, it’s relatively straight forward to recreate at home. Switch out your foundation for BB cream, skip the eyeliner but keep your brows strong. Choose a nude lipstick to complete the look.

Natural Nails

Long talon-like acrylic nails are out, with many celebrities choosing to flaunt their natural, gel-polished nails instead. This is a trend which is only being fuelled by beauty bloggers drawing attention to the serious damage that multiple applications of acrylic nails can cause. Removing your nails incorrectly can only exaggerate the damage, leading to sensitivity, pain and long term damage to your nails. Instead, opt for a high quality gel polish available at the drugstore or from your local nail technician.

Body Brushing

Removing dead skin cells from your body can leave your skin brighter, smoother and softer. One of the biggest celebrity beauty trends at the moment is body brushing. This practice involves brushing your skin with a hard, bristly brush to scrape away dead skin before a bath or shower. This practice has been advocated by celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Cameron Diaz. It has even been said to reduce the appearance of cellulite for some people. If you’re going to try this trend at home remember to be gentle and moisturise afterwards to keep the skin healthy.

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