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Celebrity Inspired Prom Dresses

Celebrity Inspired Prom Dresses

Celebrities regularly rock our world, their style and class bring about a change in our normal day-to-day life, and their clothing is often more extravagant than ever. Prom dresses have been changing in style since they became popular many years ago, the dresses celebrities wear now influence our choices and change what we opt for when looking for a new dress. Even if it’s not for prom, we always want to look our best! Taking inspiration from some of the biggest names in show business almost guarantees you’re going to look the best you ever have.

JJ’s House designer, Jessica, has put together a list of some celebrity inspired prom dresses that you may like, these prom dresses are very similar to ones that have been worn by big names on the red carpet over the last few years. By trying these on and wearing them on your bid day, you’re sure to shine out from the crowd.

A Red Plunge Mermaid Evening Dress

The Kardashian sisters are always in the media for bringing out their own beauty and clothing lines, this is because they’re actively known for being some of the world’s most beautiful queens. Khloe Kardashian is definitely one of the sisters who gets a lot of attention and limelight for her outfit choices. Back in 2015, she wore a plunge mermaid evening dress (and she has more recently worn another mermaid style dress) that really was able to show off her curves and stunning figure. If you’re confident with your shape and want the world to see how beautiful you are, a dress like this might be a lovely choice. Also, don’t let the original price put you off, there are plenty of retailers who sell similar styles but at cheap prom dresses prices.

A Teal Short Front, Long Back Dress

Taylor Swift stole our hearts at the 2015 Grammy Awards when she wore an entirely new and innovative design that changed up the way we wear prom and evening dresses. It was almost a midi dress design but with a long tail attached and a beautiful figure-hugging style. It is perfect for anyone who loves to be unique and different while also staying true to fashion. Online there are hundreds of similar designs in all different colors too, so there is no need to worry if you don’t think teal will suit your skin tone.

A Nude V-Neck Long Evening Gown

After attending the 87th Oscars, Jennifer Lopez Taylor Swift flooded the media with her beautiful gown on the red carpet. The dress was flowing with a skin tone V-neck at the top. There was intricate beading continuous down the dress which makes it even more wearable. If you’re not too sure about wearing something super figure hugging and tight, then you could opt for a choice like this. It drapes along the floor and doesn’t stick to your body. For all the bigger girls out there, this is a chance to look and feel amazing without feeling insecure about your dress.

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