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Celebrity Watches: Hot or Not?

Celebrity Watches: Hot or Not?

Have you ever thought about how it is to be a celebrity? Or merely how it is like looking like they do? Oh, wait! What about how they feel? In this article, we are going to site a few catchy yet not so discussed details on how our celebrities present themselves in public or perhaps in behind the camera.

As a celebrity, you’d probably feel like you owe the fans so much. After all, you wouldn’t be offered movies, songs (to be sung by you), or perhaps, those commercials that we always take notice when a celebrity is in it, right? Let’s break a few purposes as to how our favorite celebrities are seen in public and their performances.


Can you imagine our favorite celebrities looking tired? Or looking untidy? Or say, looking unprepared? I don’t think so. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now! I am pretty sure you’d be fascinated to read through this, and you spot a name that you know, or better yet, you are a fan of. Take Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Doctor Strange, a hit Marvel Studios Movie was seen wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Memovox  when he received his awards during the 75th Venice International Film Festival held in Palazzo del Cinema on the Lungomare Marconi, somewhere in Italy. Imagine how fascinating he looked when he received his award for his stunning performance on stage. I cannot imagine the scene; otherwise, can you? Cumberbatch was wearing one of the five best watch brands by TWC, otherwise known as The Watch Company. TWC is a reputable Brand Watch Shop, so if they have a review on watches, it matters!


Have you ever felt like being part of a group? Perhaps your circle of friends chooses a specific watch to purchase because it is affordable, you like the way it is designed, or maybe a lot of other people already have it. As people, we always long for belongingness, though sometimes, it can be from an outsider’s point of view. Ever seen watches like Patek Philippe, which one was owned by John Lenon? Without having to research the brand, you could most likely tell that it sounds Swiss, which already symbolizes wealth, class, and familiarity on a global scale, well, you are right. This brand, Patek Philippe, which costs approximately 2 million dollars, not bad, right? Sometimes, wearing expensive watches does not always mean you could afford it, but because it is a need to show your social status.


Some folks are not just after the design or a way to show off their they could afford expensive timepieces, and some would want luxury and functionality combined. Take Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, for instance, it is not just for show but also can take a heavy blow underwater. The renowned French oceanographer and diver Jacques Cousteau is always seen wearing it in his stunning documentaries. After all, over 

 of a watch is not that bad if you could swim deeply with it, right? Or how about a watch in space? You better hear it from John Glenn, who was sent into space in 1962. The astronaut carried a Tag Heuer stopwatch when he flew around the Earth in the Mercury-Atlas 6 ship. How cool is that?


At the end of the day, if you get a watch, it is you who have to decide. You always have options, the best one for you. Remember, your favorite celebrity’s choices may be the best for them, but not for you. So, be wise! Take the watch that you like based on aesthetics, sociability, or functionality! 


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