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Charming Undercut Fade Haircuts for Men

Charming Undercut Fade Haircuts for Men

The undercut fade also called disconnected cut is a unique haircut that incorporates a slight fade to the standard undercut stiletto.

Mind Blowing Undercut Fade Hairstyles You Would Want to Try This Year

There are unlimited undercut fade hairstyles for men each with a unique look and styling options. Generally, this look involves shaving your hair downward to the same length from the line projecting to the back from the temp. The manes at the top are styled to medium or long length.

The undercut fade haircut looks like a high fade, but different mid-length haircuts can be styled into a pompadour, slicked back or even styled to give an illusion of a mohawk. We collected some of the trendiest undercut fade haircuts you should give a shot this year. Take a look for inspiration.

  1. Classic Undercut Fade with Spikes.

When you compliment the cutest undercut hair trends with straightforward yet cool spikes, you get a perfect hairstyle that is ideal for all occasions.

This haircut emphasises on the hair at the back and the sides of the head. The elongated hair is styled into spikes which are then swept to the sideways, instead of straight as is in the case with the traditional spikes.

  1. Undercut for Thick Hair.

The main reason why many people prefer this undercut fade hairstyle is that the style looks so natural. It is a proper style for men with thick hair since it shows off your gorgeous waves.

This style is supposed to be styled by combing the hair to the back and complementing it with fade undercut on all the sides.

  1. Textured Undercut.

It is not a norm that bangs have to be always worn on the front, cascading over your eyebrows. They can also be styled back, especially when you want to recreate this textured undercut.

Textured hair appears most appealing when perfectly swept to the back and matched with buzzed fade undercut on the sides.

  1. Upswept Textured Undercut with Candy Hue.

This beautiful undercut fade is excitingly effortless to create than it may appear. If you don’t like the candy shade, you can opt to any other hue that matches your personal style.

The haircut, on the other hand, will need some specialised skills to give the hair on the crown a romantic texture and gradually fade the sides to the skin.

  1. Drop Fade Curly Undercut and A Fringe.

With this undercut fade hairstyle, nothing is left to chance. The central element is the fringe in the front that makes this style unique. You can style subtle drop fade as the manes gradually elongate on the top. 

On the top, the hair is maintained shorter at the back and long in the front. You can allow your fringe to hang freely over your eyebrows or simply comb it to increase its height.

This polished hairstyle is the ideal accessory for casual “late night Friday chill” look and the best way to style your natural curls.

  1. Drop Fade with A Flat Top.

With the inclusion of the edgy undercut to the drop fade, this undercut fade haircut gets a modern makeover. Depending on the texture of your manes, you can op to buzz your curls to give them shape or subtly comb them to come up with a taller shape. The outcome will be more voluminous, dense and textured. And you should bear in your mind that the beauty of this haircut is entirely dependent on the height.

  1. Undercut Fade with French Crop.

The composition of undercut fade and a French crop is a perfect look that appears great with both drop fade, low fade, and medium fade. The length is gradually reduced from the back of the head to the front. 

The hairstyle also doesn’t need complicated styling, and therefore you will spend fewer minutes to style in the morning. While the hair at the back is maintained shorter as possible, it is still possible to rock this look.

Also, the choppy fringe of the crop is maintained short and doesn’t go past the eyebrows. You will need a wide-toothed comb to style this haircut especially after washing it. This avoids hair breakage.

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