Checklist for Moving into a New House

Checklist for Moving into a New House

Like a stressful day at work, moving can be an overwhelming activity that kills happy moods after a goodnights sleep.

But, it’s possible to avoid this whole preparation, planning, and packing chaos with a checklist as a guiding angel. This list also makes last-minute arrangements or the risk of overlooking essential items almost non-existent. We call this list a checklist for moving into a new house.

From tasks that might seem insignificant to the most important, a move-in checklist will account for the following:

1.   A Walkthrough

The first thing a checklist for moving into another home would cover is a pre-occupancy walk-through or orientation. What does this mean? It means before moving apartments, inspecting the new place is essential. An inspection highlights those mundane things that need immediate fixtures and other working parts of the house. If the property owner has previously promised upgrades but can’t find them implemented, a walk-through makes it easy to take note of these tasks so property owners won’t rip you off and fulfill their promises.

2.   Safety Preparations for Kids and Pets

After getting a detailed picture of what the new apartment looks like, the next step in a good checklist for moving out of home is to safety-proof every part of the house. This way, kids and pets are less prone to home accidents. Remove electrical wiring from places kids can easily access. Cover open spaces in fences, gates, and doors so kids won’t wander off themselves.

3.   An Unpacking Plan

A move-out checklist will also help you make unpacking plans so that you never have to result in haphazard tasks after the move. The bottom line is that it helps create a priority list so unpacking won’t be so difficult. An unpacking plan would explain in detail how to label boxes to help let know what it contains, how to sort items by category, and how to pack each room.

4.   Connectivity and Utilities

The next thing you need to figure out is how to ensure the subscriptions or connectivity is properly set up in the new apartment. But, that’s not all there is to it. Simply setting up utilities in the new house won’t halt charges on the current ones in your name or address. Be sure to cancel those in your current place before moving out. That’s not all! Utility update is vital to make living in the current electronic age convenient.

These utilities will include gas, electricity, water, phone, TV services, and broadband. Be sure to set up these important gears some weeks before the transit to ensure the r convenience levels in your new home are standard. Else, you’ll be spending days without water running or access to a convenient lifestyle.

5.   Find Essential Functions

Besides utilities and connections, there are certain functions in the apartment you can’t do without, like the plumbing, boiler, smoke detector, electricity and gas meters, smoke detectors, fuse box, and even security alarms. Make sure that these devices are fully functional so you and your family will relax safely, knowing the security and essential systems are in good condition.

6.   Install New Security System

While essential functions like those listed above are necessary, the security system plays a crucial role in keeping you safe in an unfamiliar environment. So, the best way to avoid this is to change the security systems. For locks, get a locksmith weeks before the transit to quickly install new locks.

A house within a communal building wouldn’t be at so much risk of theft, but to be on the safe side, observe the security offered in the building. Poor security means a single lock won’t keep out danger when it comes. So, consider installing multiple locks or a surveillance camera in the room after getting the house keys.

7.   Deep Clean

Also, consider cleaning each room again.

The previous occupants may have tidied every part of the house, but that does not mean it’s spotlessly clean. Before you unpack and set up home fixtures, get cleaning supplies like detergent, rag, brush, and water. Then thoroughly scrub the house to remove accumulated dust and debris.

8.   Update Home Address

Moving to a new place would leave you unable to access the current services you enjoy except if you transfer them to the new place. What does this mean? Not changing the current address means not having access to use services like mail, insurance, funds, healthcare, and even a professional license. For someone who loves the convenient lifestyle of urban areas, you also can’t do without these essential services. But, the question is, where do you change your address?

Many first-time movers fail to ask this important question and leave out vital services that should top their list. Before moving,

  • Notify the royal mail to redirect mailing services
  • Update new address to your bank and insurance providers, whether car insurance, life, pet, or health insurance
  • Update the new residential address on your driving license and car ownership certificate

9.   Get Familiar with the New Neighborhood

A home isn’t truly a home until you make it one. One of the ways to make the new neighborhood home is to get familiar with the environment. Meet the new neighbors before the move to know whether they have a friendly culture. Take a walk through the community to find essential centers like grocery and hardware stores, libraries, community halls, health centers, and pharmacies that’ll make living in a new place comfortable.

Planning a move is not as easy as it seems since you need to factor in everything that’ll ensure living in a new and unfamiliar environment is convenient. In-house moving services like Stark Movers can help with the planning and preparation task. Make sure to contact them. But, we also recommend that you have something like this checklist for moving into a home to help make the process simpler.


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