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Chernobyl exclusion zone tour: an extreme vacation in the most deserted area of Europe

Chernobyl exclusion zone tour: an extreme vacation in the most deserted area of Europe

Why is Chernobyl so unusual?

More than thirty years have passed since a terrible catastrophe has occurred at the Chernobyl NPP. The society will never forget the lesson that received in the past. Thousands of ruined lives, health problems of people, psychological issues, financial losses. If nature can recover, human souls cannot. The past is impossible to change. But the future is in our hands. And we are all responsible for ensuring that the Chernobyl will never happen again. 

Despite the tragic events of 1986 and the consequences that we still can observe, today Chernobyl is a special place. For someone, Chernobyl is a reminder of a lost home, for someone — a symbol of the disaster, and for lots, it is an opportunity to experience an unusual kind of tourism that develops very quickly with the help of professional agencies. 

The issue of Chernobyl is very often used in contemporary art — in films, TV shows, music. A lot of games, like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., have already become iconic among fans all around the world. It is one of the reasons, why Chernobyl tours became so popular, especially among the younger generation. But it is not the only reason. Many tourists want to go on this unusual trip to run away from ordinary life and of course to see the ghost-town Pripyat.

Most have an informational goal and a desire to satisfy curiosity. They want to see the reality of the zone, are there mutants for real and is it similar to movies and games. And most of the agencies, offering the services of guides, assure that you will learn tons of new information that isn’t available on the Internet. And it is true, as many people, who admire the zone, study materials, communicate with witnesses of the events, former residents of cities and with those, who work there until now, become your guides during Chernobyl exclusion zone tour.

What to do if you decided to go on the Chernobyl tour?

With the help of a professional agency Go2Chernobyl, your trip will be unforgettable. All you need is to choose an available date and book a trip not later than 3-7 days before the date of departure from Kyiv. The type of tour you can choose:

  • a one-day excursion includes twenty-five locations of the zone;
  • a two-day excursion includes the night in the hotel, lots of interesting locations and Soviet secret objects; 
  • an individual tour with the possibility to spend up to five days and get access to classified materials;

Go2Chernobyl professionals will take responsibility for all documents and permits that you will need to visit the exclusion zone. But remember, that you must be 18 years old, as minors are not allowed to visit the zone. Also, you must have a document confirming your identity with you, as well as follow the rules that guides will warn you about before the excursion:

  • for your safety, specialists have developed routes to avoid still dangerous areas; it is not allowed to deviate from them;
  • the zone is similar to a minefield; although the tourist routes are safe, some places may harm your health; it is crucial to pay attention to information signs, which warn about radiation danger;
  • it is strictly forbidden to take things out of the zone; eat berries, pick mushrooms or drink water from open sources;
  • clothes must cover the whole body, despite the weather or a season of the year; the possibility of radioactive rains is excluded, but for your comfort, it is recommended to take an umbrella;
  • a respiratory mask is not a requirement, but also recommended for protection of your lungs from radioactive dust.

Go2Chernobyl is your guarantee of comfort and safety during the Chernobyl exclusion zone tour. 

Now you are informed about why the zone attracts visitors so much, how to use agency services, which tour to choose and how to comply with safety requirements. However, one thing left — to learn the main attractions of the zone and be ready for the locations that you can see during the tour.

Famous Chernobyl locations 

Ghost-town Pripyat. This city is a phenomenon of developing nature and empty streets and buildings, where it seems that time has stopped forever. The alluring atmosphere is hard to explain, but it causes the desire to come back in lots of people. Due to its uniqueness, the dead city is worth to see at least once. Guides are sure that after seeing the city, the next generation will understand the whole problem and the scale of the events of 1986, and will not allow similar cities to arise because of human mistakes.

Chernobyl 2 (secret object) and “DUGA”.Usually, when it comes to Chernobyl-2, this place is understood as Duga — Soviet radar station for detection of launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Chernobyl 2 cannot be found on any map, because it is a secret object, which today has become the symbol of the zone.

Zalesie village. The village, located near the city of Chernobyl, will surprise you, as it had nearly three thousand inhabitants before the accident, and today it has an abandoned school, a library and a maternity hospital. Most Chernobyl tours include this village because its atmosphere is not similar to anything else.

Red Forest.Red Forest is the most contaminated area of the zone. The strong irradiation of trees contributed to their rapid death. And although red trees were buried in the ground for safety reasons, the forest is a unique place in the exclusion zone, where tourists can visually observe the effect of radiation on nature until now.

Chernobyl NPP.Today, everyone will be able to see how the Chernobyl NPP is operating and talk with employees who are still working there.

But it is not a complete list of Chernobyl attractions. To see more, you need to find the courage and make a decision about an unusual trip. And Go2Chernobyl agency will organize Chernobyl tours for the bravest ones.


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