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China Welcomes Foreigners to Teach English Abroad

China Welcomes Foreigners to Teach English Abroad

Have you ever wanted to work and live in China? Agency’s provide opportunities for everyone, who wants to teach English abroad.

High salaries and no experience: China welcomes foreigners to teach English abroad

The modern globalized world gives us incredible opportunities to travel, work, discover new places and countries. One of such worth-visiting countries is China. For some people, it can be an unrealistic option and for many people, this country seems to be something so distant and unexplored. But Work and Live in China agency expands boundaries and provides opportunities for everyone, who wants to teach English abroad. Salaries, traveling and working experience, career growth, discovering a new culture and meeting new people are just a few advantages, which you can get by choosing China as your destination.

No doubts only a desire

There can’t be any doubts about going on such trips in order to teach English in China: no experience, no education, and no diploma — only knowledge of the English language, the desire to visit a country like China and bring benefit to its society.

One can find lots of benefits if willing to teach English abroad: salaries and bonuses, free accommodations, flexible schedules, startup assistance, such as opening a bank account or buying a sim card.

The main reasons to go to China for teaching English:

  • The English language is in very high demand in a country like China;
  • Chinese people are very open and welcoming to foreigners;
  • Discovering the beauty of the country: its culture, cuisine, religion, language, and tradition;
  • Get unforgettable impressions, emotions, and memories for the rest of your life;
  • An opportunity of career ladder advancement and your CV promotion;

Do not miss a unique opportunity

For a working trip to the country, Work and Live in China agency is ready to take care of all documents and visa procedure. Moreover, a program is completely free. Each program participant can choose a city or a school to work and live and get a covering of flight and travel expenses. National Chinese holidays will be also paid, so it is an amazing and unique opportunity to see all Chinese attractions and travel not only around China but to neighboring Asian countries.

And remember, for everyone who wishes to teach English in China, no experience or no diploma are not obstacles to share knowledge with others. Enthusiasm and energy are most appreciated qualities.

Only a few steps are needed to achieve your goal: filling an online application form; passing Skype interview; opening Chinese visa. Do not postpone a unique journey of your whole life.



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