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Choices for the Hard of Hearing

Choices for the Hard of Hearing

Some people wonder if all this new technology is really good for us or perhaps mankind in general but there is little doubt that some of the advances at least, are beneficial to us and one of those advances is in the hearing aid industry. It is the advances in technology that has allowed for the hard of hearing today, to get a choice when it comes to buying a hearing aid and all those choices, thanks to technology, will be effective and beneficial to the person that uses it.

Although it isn’t known when exactly the first hearing aid was introduced but they have been written about from the mid-1500s and so they must have been around before then. The hearing aids which were written about at that time were ones made of wood and carved into the shape of an animal’s ear. Not any animal though, only an animal which was known to have exceptional hearing. These ear shaped pieces of wood were therefore, as far as we know, the first hearing aids.

After the wooden ears came what have been called today, trumpets. These trumpets had one narrow end for placing in the ear and one wide end which were pointed towards the sound or voice which was wanted to be heard. Probably for convenience more than anything else, objects which were already the correct shape were often used as trumpets, perhaps an animal horn or a large sea shell. Later though the trumpets would be made out of copper or bronze which was popular at that time.

It was probably around the same time as bronze and copper trumpets were first being made that it was discovered that bone could transmit sound vibrations and this discovery was to become very beneficial for the hard of hearing in later years. At that time though advantages were still taken from this knowledge and fan styled devices were designed to be worn behind the ear so that they would make contact with the bones there and transmit the vibrations through those bones directly to the brain.

Today’s hearing aids still work on those early principles of receiving the sound somewhere and directing it to where it would be most advantageous and also using bones as messengers of sound vibrations to the brain. Today though, these principles have been added to by the technology advantages which electricity and telephone have afforded. So today, websites like Audika can offer the hard of hearing several choices when they want or need a hearing aid and as some hearing aids may not be suitable for everyone, websites like the one mentioned will often offer free trials to ensure that their customers buy the correct one for their personal needs.

One of the reasons why so many different hearing aids are available is due to the miniaturization of batteries that can power the amplifiers which modern technology has been able to miniaturize enough so as to be very small and inconspicuous.



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