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Choose Herbal Medicine to Treat Different Diseases Naturally

Choose Herbal Medicine to Treat Different Diseases Naturally

Herbal medicine has been used since time immemorial. Even cave men had their own medication and it was solely based on herbs. Back in the day, this type of medicine was readily available. All that you had to do was go and pick it up from the bushes and you were completely sorted out. You could pick as much as you wanted. Nowadays though, you will have to do some thorough searching for herbs if you want to get them. There are some that are extremely rare. Urbanization has not made it easier to get these substances either.

However, the advent of Internet technology has simplified the process of buying these products. You will not have to go roaming all over the mall and supermarkets in your vicinity to find a particular herb or essential oil for aromatherapy. They are available for online. A quick search on any search engine will present you with an innumerable lot of options to select from. You will be able to find whatever it is you are looking for and you will get it at extremely affordable prices. Who said that you have to break a bank to get high quality herbs?

Health and herbs

There are some herbs that have been shown to be more of harmful than beneficial. They do have their benefits but when they are overused they become poisonous. Take the likes of nutmeg. This thing makes cakes and other baked goods smell and taste delightful but should you overuse it, you will be in trouble. Nutmeg is easy to handle as compared to some other herbs that you might not be able to prepare.

Let’s talk about the stinging nettle in particular- now this is an herb with super powers. The stinging nettle does sting. If it comes into contact with your bare skin, you are going to itch till tomorrow. But then again when it is processed, it is a fantastic medicine that you can use to treat so many conditions. Inhabitants of the East African Coast call it mwarubaine, which is Swahili for forty. They claim that it can cure not less than forty diseases.

It is a great substance to use when you are suffering from food poisoning. You will want to remove all that horror that you might have ingested and ease the stomach pain. Boiling the stinging nettle powder in water will be the perfect solution. The resulting ‘tea’ is great for handling food poisoning. It is going to be extremely better to drink and so you can add a bit of honey to ease the suffering.

It is also very handy when it comes to getting rid of ringworms and a good number of other skin infections. All that you need to do is wash the area with the ringworm with warm water and apply a solution of the stinging nettle tea mentioned above. Two to four days of doing this will get rid of those unsightly worms that have made your skin their real estate development.

Author bio

Patricia Macs has been working in the dermatological practice for a long time. She is a huge fan of herbal medicine. She recommends the likes of stinging nettle, kratom and sage for treating various medical problems.

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