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Choosing a Furnace Humidifier During this Shopping Season

Choosing a Furnace Humidifier During this Shopping Season

When it comes to furnace humidifiers, you will have a lot of great choices on the market. They are great for people who have sinus problems. Dry air can be hard on the nasal cavities. They will help to clear out the dry air from the home. Additionally, people who have skin issues can benefit from a furnace humidifier. They are those who need that extra moisture to be a humectant for their skin. A lot of people suffer from these types of ailments. Whatever your reason for purchasing a furnace humidifier , you want to be educated regarding the selection out there.

The Two Types of Furnace Humidifiers

When it comes to furnace humidifiers, there are two types. First there is the fan-powered type. The other selection of furnace humidifiers is the bypass ones. Both of these humidifiers still do the job of moistening the air, but they have different reaches and varied methods in doing so. You will want to be educated on both types in order to make the best decision for what you need specifically.

What Do Fan-Powered/Evaporative Furnace Humidifiers Do?

The fan-powered humidifier is driven by a motor. It will direct the hot air that your furnace produces and run it by a steady stream of trickling water. This type of furnace humidifier is also called an evaporative humidifier. The hot air will pick up the moisture from the water as it goes through these ducts.

What Do Bypass Furnace Humidifiers Do?

Bypass furnace humidifiers are not as complex as the fan-powered or evaporative furnace humidifiers are. They, in contrast, do not have an in-built fan or steamer system. The air will go through what is called an evaporative pad. This evaporative pad is where the hot air will pick up the moisture. There is no impetus pushing the air or the water, but the bypass furnace humidifier will still get the job completed.

Which One is Ultimately More Effective?

When it comes done to getting more moisture in the air, it is the fan-powered model that does the best job . This is simply because the air is being constantly propelled by the fan to the evaporative pad. The bypass model does simply as the name suggests. It slowly but surely lets the water and air collide together. However, their meeting is more of a chance interaction than a planned escapade.

Why Go For the Bypass Model

You might wonder if the fan-powered model is so much more effective, why there are two types of furnace humidifiers on the market. Well, it all comes down to the fact that each model has different advantages. The bypass model is a lot cheaper. It is a less complex gadget and can be marketed at a lower price point. Additionally, the bypass model makes a lot less noise. 

As you probably know with any fan, they are not completely soundless. It would be nice if they were, but this is not the case. If you like to use your furnace room for other purposes, you may prefer to go with a bypass model because it will be less noisy. This is especially true for people who have these extra rooms as sewing rooms or hobby areas. Also, it’s better to have a bypass if you have your washer and dryer in the furnace room to reduce the overall noise.

Which One has a Better Reach?

You may wonder which one will cover the most square feet for a home. All of the brands will be built for various ranges. You will have to look on the packaging or the description to determine which one you need. Some of them can cover up to 4,000 square feet. This is quite a large area for a home. If you have a bungalow that is smaller, then obviously you don’t need something with such a powerful force. 

You might want to consider if you even need your entire living area covered. If you simply need to have a room covered, then you can consider a standalone device. This device will work just as well for a single room, but it will require that you pick and choose where you need the coverage. You will also need to close off that area. Some people who use them at night might want to put towels under the door to prevent the air from escaping.

How Much Water on Average will the Humidifier Consume?

You are putting moisture back into the air, so you will need to consider that you will be using your water to do this. The average furnace humidifier does not consume a lot of water. In fact, it’s only 16 gallons a day to cover an entire 3,000 to 4,000 square foot home. 

This is when the humidifier is running at full speed. The total amount of water that the furnace humidifier can consume in a day is called the maximum output.

Extra Considerations

You will want to look at a few additional features when making your decision. Some of these include a warranty, dimensions of the device, and whether there are other things that the furnace humidifier has to offer such as controlling automatic shut off’s. 

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