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Choosing a Pillow: What’s Best for my Sleeping Position

Choosing a Pillow: What’s Best for my Sleeping Position

The position you prefer when sleeping might not be the most indicated, but it is the one you got accustomed to, so you cannot really change this aspect. However, this is not to say you cannot remedy its flaws at all as you actually can rest your head on a pillow which offers proper support. Find out how you can pick a pillow according to your preferred sleeping style and other interesting, research-based info about the impact of your pillow, as well as the position you prefer to sleep in on your health from this article.

What is the healthiest position to take up when you sleep?

Unfortunately, nowadays it is near impossible to get some quality rest as everything seems to agitate us. There are numerous factors which weigh in, starting with the lifestyles we lead, to our diets, habits, and the environment we live in. If you ever wondered why you never seem to wake up feeling rested, find out right away how your sleep position factors in this occurrence, and learn what type of pillow you must opt for to correct these negative factors.

Best option – On your back

  • Positives: reduces acid reflux, minimizes the aspect of wrinkles, helps preserve a healthy and toned tissue of your breasts, prevents pain in the neck and back areas;
  • Negatives: snoring is more likely to occur.

Second best position – On your side

Worst position to sleep in – On your stomach

Sleep and pregnancy – How big of an impact the right pillow has

Feeling comfortable while you are catching Z’s is crucial for your health and the well-being of the small human growing inside of you during pregnancy. The shape and size of pregnancy pillows make them perfect for women who are expecting, offering the support and adaptability needed for a peaceful night’s sleep. Moreover, these pillows work just as well after giving birth as they help make breastfeeding go smoother. Great for the early as well as late stages of pregnancy, these pillows are a must-have for soon to be mommies.

Nocturnal slumber position and how to choose a pillow according to it

Regardless of your preference, there is a pillow out there that can offer proper support – you just have to know how to find it! In the following, we will show you what type of pillows make for the best choices according to sleeping style, so stick with us to learn how to finally sleep like a baby and jump out of bed every morning feeling rejuvenated. Do not forget about the impact of poor quality sleep on your health and do not take this matter lightly!

#1 – Tips for people who sleep on their back

Although back sleeping is the best as it minimizes any negative impact on your body, it is still far from perfect. To atone the snoring caused by this position and ensure you receive proper spine support as well, what you must do is rest on a comfy bamboo pillow that molds to the natural curvature of the cervical spine. When it comes to the pillow’s height, go for a medium-sized one that will keep you tilted when you sleep.

#2 – Tips for people who sleep on their sides

For side sleepers, the best option is a thick pillow, one that is higher than what a back sleeper would opt for in order to achieve alignment of the head and back. Keeping a straight and natural horizontal line is crucial for preventing any sort of pain from arising and for getting the needed rest. If you still feel even the slightest discomfort in the morning, place a firm pillow between your knees as well – this will prevent their downward rotation while you are resting.

#3 – Tips for people who sleep on their stomach

Although this is the most stressful position to sleep in, if you cannot change it, you must take other measures to atone the impact it takes on your posture and health for that matter as well. For stomach sleepers, it is best to opt for a flat pillow or skip it altogether and rest directly on the mattress. This way, no strain will be put on the beck or back areas. Also, you could add a thin, flat pillow underneath your pelvis to preserve a natural alignment in the lower back region.


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