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Choosing a Second Hand Car: What You Should Pay Attention to Before Buying.

Choosing a Second Hand Car: What You Should Pay Attention to Before Buying.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern man without a car. The presence of not one but several cars in the family becomes the norm. Every year the car becomes an integral part of the necessary means of solving daily problems. 

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Before you go to buy an iron horse, it is necessary to determine the parameters by which this car will be selected. The main criteria are:

• the amount that the buyer is willing to spend on cars;

• the size of the cost of maintenance of the selected car (it is important to remember not only about the “consumables” and spare parts, but also about the consumption of gasoline);

• the tasks for which the car is bought (after all, the types of cars from which you are going to choose your car are depend on whether the future car owner is going to constantly drive long distance or not to go outside the city and daily cope with the search for a parking place). 

It is almost impossible to find a rate car that does not require any investment, as even in cars in extremely good condition there is something to adjust. Therefore, remember that the purchase of some investments are likely to be necessary, and therefore it is necessary to lay this amount (usually about 10% of the cost of the car) or to bargain with the owner for the equivalent amount.

Pay attention on the price. If the price does not match the average price of the car of the selected class and age (too high, or vice versa, too low), do not waste your time to such an announcement. Unfortunately, now there is no database of cars for sale, which would help to check the relevant authorities on such parameters as whether the car is stolen, or the reasons for the lack of it’s documents. In this connection, it is necessary to bypass the side of the ad, where the photos are not of the car itself, but similar, for example. This will help to save money and nerves of a potential car owner.

The parameters which can be accurately determined independently

Any salesman would talk up his car and amplify its parameters. It is better to go to the inspection of the car with a person who is pro. If there is no such a person in your environment, you can negotiate with the seller and visit the car service, where for a small fee you can identify all the major problems that the owner may have kept silent. Before you make a decision about the trip to the car service, it is necessary to estimate some of the parameters that is easy to determine yourself before buying a car. 

First of all, you need to pay attention to the scratches on the bumper. A small amount must necessarily be. If the owner claims that no part of the car body was not changed, and the bumper is perfect, so you should not trust this seller in other matters. Non-parallel gaps on the doors and hood also indicate that one or another part of the car body is most likely belonged to another car. 

To eyeball the repainted car is not easy. There is a special device to detect the sealing of the paint on the car body. 

It is important not only to inspect the car, but also to try it. After driving a car, you can make the right decision at the stage of inspection. If all the parameters are suitable, you can safely go to the service station for a more detailed check. All these rules could help you to enjoy the purchase of an iron horse.


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