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Choosing Best IDE for Python Development

Choosing Best IDE for Python Development

What is the PyCharm program and why it is heading the list of top Python Development Software.

Among the most multifunctional and practical in usage IDEs (Integrated Development environment) for Python programming language is the PyCharm program. This program is widely recognized by the professional front end and back end developers for its complete package of functions including intelligent Python assistance, web development frameworks, cross-technology development features, and remote development capabilities. The function of code analysis, integrated unit tester, and a graphical debugger maintained by an integrated unit tester – these are all about the PyCharm.

IDE — also known in the IT world of programmers as the source code editors, automation tools, or debugger programs normally used to test the operability of other (target) programs. However, an integrated development environment does not have strict boundaries with the major amount of software development environment.

Being the creation of the Czech Jet Brains software development company, which got started to create IDEs for programming languages in early 2000, PyCharm provides its users with a chance to work not solely with Python. On contrary, it gives Python lovers a chance to apply it in work with CoffeeScript, TypeScript, SQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and others.

This first and most noticeable peculiarity of this IDE is its interface. Like many other IDEs created by JetBrains for a number of popular programming languages, PyCharm provides its users with a convenient unified interface, which is fast-operable when working with large code bases. Such an interface enables to use an automatic refactoring and code navigation tools.

The second quite convenient peculiarity of the PyCharm is that programmers do not need to press Ctrl + S button combination so often anymore as the settings of the program provide the function to save any changes to the code automatically right after they have been applied to the file.

Another sweet function of the Pycharn is the plugin managing. It is easily can be named the core functionality of the program. Plugins of the Pycharm provide integration with version control systems, provide the support for various languages and frameworks and so on. In PyCharm users also can create plugins by themselves. And what is more exciting, most plugins can be used with all the JetBrains products – hereby they make the whole process much convenient.

However, it would not be an overestimation to say that PyCharm is only a drop in the ocean of IDEs created to ease the work process of professional coders. In 2018, the popularity index of the IDEs, which are convenient to be used along with Python programing language was the following:

  • PyCharm
  • AWS Cloud9
  • Komodo IDE
  • Codenvy
  • KDevelop

The choice of the perfect IDE to work with might become a nasty headache even for a skilled and experienced developers as this profession frequently requires working with multiple tools. Here are the key characteristics of the IDE the coder has to have his eyes on when working with Python:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Debugger
  • Error Highlighting
  • Server connectors to deploy the code to the server with a single button click in the IDE
  • Active IDE project

Having all of the above-mentioned functions, and being the multifunctional cross-platform, PyCharm serves well to embody the ideas of professional Python developers working both in front end and back end directions.


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