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Choosing Different Worktops: An Overview

Choosing Different Worktops: An Overview

A kitchen is made up of five different aspects, namely the flooring, silverware and dinnerware, lighting, storage, and worktops. Purchasing worktops is often a difficult task. Besides looking for the right material, there’s also the issue of finding the right worktop for your particular kitchen style. Multiple kitchen suppliers have gone out of their way to deliver their services straight to their clients by putting up websites for their clients to use in deciding how to match up which with which. If you’re not sure about what worktop to usefor your kitchen, then the quick overview in this list might give you a better idea of what the best purchase will be.


Silestone worktops are a mixed bag. Though Silestoneis comprisedof organic materials, it’s a manufactured worktop bound with resin, which makes it highly resistant to absorbing stains. Unlike naturalmaterials such as stone and wood, Silestonehas the extrabenefit of no longer needing a sealant to deal with porous layers. As a bonus, Silestoneis resistant to bacteria growth, which makes it not just durable but a sanitaryaddition to your kitchen as well.


With Quartz having a wide selection of patterns to choose from,it boasts the toughness of authentic stone with more than a few perks. With the benefit of durability, quartz has above average resistance to scratches and is rarely prone to chipping, which makes this material reasonablyeasy to maintain. Since it’s madefrom recycled materials, you’ll also be promoting the safety of the environment by using eco-friendly products.

Ceramic worktops are reasonably attractive options, especially if you’re not into bulky furniture. Though almost as durable as quartz, ceramic worktops are highlyresistant to heat and have the added benefit of being very durable without taking up too much space. Ceramic worktops are thin enough to fit in any minimalist home that favoursthe variety of colouroptions over the depth and thickness that stone textures offer.

Corian is a luxury option, which is a composite material that combines plastic resin with bauxite pigments to create an elegantly solid worktop with soft edges and with a futuristic feel. Corian worktops are easy to wash stains off,withjust a degreaser and a damp cloth. The most significantdrawback is the factor of sustainability. Since Corian isplastic, scratches over time are inevitable. It’s also not as heat resistant as stone-like worktops such as Silestoneand Quartz.


Glass worktops are surprisingly durable and heat resistant. They are mostly installedin modern kitchens that commit to the minimalistic urbanlook. Its most significant drawbackis the difficulty of dealing with the glaring issue of repairs anddamages. Being heat-resistant and durable doesn’t make glass worktops invulnerable to chipsand cracks. Acidic substances such as certain foods and strong cleaning agents are knownto burn through such worktops if mishandled. Although glass worktops do look elegant, you’re probably better off with other options instead if you’re not willing to pay the high price of the potential accidents just waiting to happen.



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