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Choosing the best Church suits- Rules vs. Values

Choosing the best Church suits- Rules vs. Values

In the first half of the nineteenth century, parts of England, America and Northern Europe witnessed drastic changes as the consequences of the emergence of Middle class and industrial revolution. Dressing up for the church suit is one of those changes that become popular then due to the Victorian culture on prominent worshipping communities. 

Till then it has become a tradition to put on the elegant outfits every week while stepping out to join the church. It is not just about looking good but also about paying respect to God and elders.

How to choose the best church suit for men?

This is easier than choosing church suits for women because the varieties are comparatively less. Here are a few tips that you need to look over if you are confused about the choices. Take a look! 

  • The right shade matters

Choose the right contrast of colors for your suit. Navy blue and black are classic shades that can go with every occasion and attire so maybe you can consider them.

  • Fit is fine

Go for the best quality and make sure that the size fits you. This will make you comfortable in the attire and comfort is style.

  • Sets or no sets? 

Consider the fact that you are buying sets or buying every part separately and then consider the budget that would be required. 

  • The extras are cherry on the top

Accessories play a vital part in the overall dressing sense. You can aid your outfit with an old pocket tie or a pocket watch to add the vintage look. Also choosing the best tie or shoe is indispensable in order to make your outfit an absolute hit. 

Things to consider while purchasing church suit for women

Though choosing church suits for women isn’t rocket science but it isn’t easy as well. There is a bewildering range of varieties that you would come across. In such circumstances you need to know the below-mentioned tips and tricks to find an ideal church suit:

  • Comfort above all 

Choose the proper fit because for women the definition of comfort in attire comes 

  • Hue is the new trend

Select the right color and make sure the color isn’t really bright. 

  • Sets or separate? 

Buy sets or separates and while buying separates the match should fit properly. 

  • Money counts

Be confined within your budget and don’t spend a penny extra 

  • Accessories above all

Don’t forget to accessorize with minimal jewelry, formal shoes, and stunning hats. 

Church suits make you go with the flow

Imagine that you are in the church choir and everyone is wearing formals. Can you dress casually in that ambiance? But in such a scenario if you pick the right church outfit every person in the congregation will be awestruck seeing your choir in matching outfits and stunning hats. The church suits are perfect for every occasion like Holy Communion, Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings, the Christmas holidays or Easter.

The bottom line

 In today’s prevalent world, the dress code is a major driving force to understand one’s personality. The definition of professionalism has changed drastically over the past few decades and the same does apply for the dress codes of the church as well. The sole aim of the dress code is to promote modesty in the dress code and provide people the ease of distinguishing their worshipping affairs for the colorful lifestyle outside the church.


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