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Choosing the Perfect Custom Plaque for Every Occasion

Choosing the Perfect Custom Plaque for Every Occasion

Plaques are mementos for appreciation in any field be it academics or lifetime achievement award for social work. These are prestigious awards that bring in eons of fresh memories, giving the opportunity to relive the past. These awards are the reasons that create an urge to try once more before you quit. Here are some of the most popular types of award plaques discussed. 

Colored plaques

These are custom plaques made out of wood and laminated with vibrant color coats. These award plates are polished meticulously to bring out a lustrous shine in the plaques. Wood fibers are recycled to make these award plates an environment-friendly option. These are the most affordable options for appreciation given its ease of manufacture and environment-friendly option.

Solid wooden plaques 

These award plates are made of solid wood that gives it a robust yet elegant structure. These custom plaques are generally given out during academic recognition ceremonies or lifetime achievement ceremonies to mark the excellence of the awardees. 

Glass plaques

Glass plaques are the epitome of sophistication and elegance. These plaques are available in various sizes, shapes and styles depending on the purpose of the award. To provide for its rigidity the glass plaque is placed under a granite base so that it can be made to stand on a shelf or a closet. Granite adds elegance to the plaque and makes the award plate more robust in structure.

Executive plaques

To bring in that vigor of excellence to the awardees, this award plaque is generally given out at corporate meets to the employees for their genuine contributions to the Company’s success. These custom plaques are specially crafted with wood, granite and glass materials to give a more polished and chic finish to the plates.

Framed plaques

These are special award plaques giving out for the extraordinary contribution of the employees for a long period say 20 or 25 years at a stretch. Employees contributing to the Company’s profit margins for such a long period deserve something extraordinary like this. This framed plaque is known for its classy style and extravagance. 

Wood laminated plaques

These custom plaquesare same as colored ones, but the only difference lies in the consistency of wood used. The wooden laminated ones are made up of 100% superior quality wood while the colored ones are made up of wood fibers that are polished to bring in that superior quality finish. Wooden laminated plaques are given out in private ceremonies. 

The granite plaques 

These are the most prestigious custom plaquesavailable till date. Granite itself speaks elegance and class. These plaques are specially manufactured using various engraving and sandblasting methods to bring in that perfect luster. These are the most expensive award plaques given out during special award ceremonies. 

Reward your employees or honor someone for his outstanding contributions, or celebrate your victory, these award plaques are the perfect gifts for the perfect occasions. There are varieties to suit your needs that won’t be heavy on your wallet yet worthy of gifting someone something out of the world and classy. 


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