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Chris Oyakhilome & The Christ Embassy Empire

Chris Oyakhilome & The Christ Embassy Empire

Africa is home to one of the top religious institutions in the world. This institution has plenty to offer whether it’s guidance, spiritual healing or teaching the gospel of Christ. The Crist Embassy of Lagos, Nigeria, is leading by example and by words. If you preach something then you must practice it and this organization does it the best. The annual conference known as “Night of Bliss,” is an extravagant event that’s held in Johannesburg, and it delivers some of the best gospel teachings, music and guest appearances. Hundreds of thousands of people gather to witness the event at the city’s FNB Stadium, which is probably the only place that can hold such large numbers. The Christ Embassy is changing the religious media blueprint by the way it conducts itself and with such huge success, it has an ever growing fan base/members. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome oversees it all, and he has done some extraordinary things with his media empire.

Chris Oyakhilome is leading by example thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. The married father of two has been involved in such ceremonies for the past 30 years. He now has a global empire, which teaches and spreads the gospel across numerous nations abroad. This includes Most of Africa, the UK, the US and Canada. Love World Inc., is its name and there are many networks underneath this huge umbrella. This pastor is like a “jack of all trades” as he’s well educated in numerous fields. He does a great job by working with disadvantaged children as well as his own congregation. It’s a none stop process, but has dedicated right from the very start. One of the most popular sectors of the institution is the healing ministry. This ministry specializes in people with illnesses and disabilities and it’s helping individuals to put their lives back in order. These types of things goes on just about everyday as the power of Christ is always in demand. The institution’s huge following comes from social media, television and publications. This best selling author has numerous published books that includes “Prophecy, When God Visits, The Oil & The Mantle, Seven Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You, Healing From Heaven and many more.” In totality, the embassy is one of the largest of its kind, and it’s steady growing in numbers.

The Haven Convention has garnered new attention, and it’s population base is growing by the numbers. This convention is all about the infallible word of God. Senior ministers have put together a great show, which has members of different nations, flocking to Lagos, Nigeria. The Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the very definition of spiritual success. Every aspect of the teachings are being covered from head to toe, but don’t be surprised if something new pops up in the near future from Chris Oyakhilome.

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