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Classic American Pancakes Recipe

Classic American Pancakes Recipe

When Shrove Tuesday is still far away but the pancake art didn’t leave indifferent, here’s a really yummy homemade recipe of the classic American pancakes whereby the genuine taste, unique airy and puffy consistency is a special identity of this finger-licking dessert. 

When traveling a lot or being far from home, people try new food and fall in love with previously undiscovered delicious recipes. But it happens to smell the homemade food, as it carries anyone straight into cozy nostalgia. In all kinds of ways, we are all come from childhood, where the first thought upon coming home sounds usually, like, how would be great to catch a whiff of those delicious flat pancakes with honey running down! Most American breakfasts include this precise masterpiece, just like the movies. Sweet-scented round things, fluffy, glazed with maple syrup, supplemented by ice-cream scoops…A routine matter when anyone’s mouthwatering in anticipation of cooking!

Well, actually, the same pancakes of different versions are served for breakfast also in Canada, Australia, England, and other countries. The base is the same, but the final product is somewhere thinner, somewhere fluffier. American griddlecakes, for its part, are the golden mean between the mentioned variations. Probably because of its very ancient history, hitherto remains a mystery who first created the core recipe. It’s no wonder, in fact the obvious accessibility of ingredients, the very first and universal recipe all over the world was too quickly customized by every housewife and chef. Though, the following is the closest to primal one, and truly worthy to be tasted by anyone. If someone still has not tried such a quick and easy recipe, now is a good time to treat the inner child to something mouth-watering.

Grocery List For Preparation In A Moment

Because the dough for hotcakes consists of the simplest and most usual ingredients to encounter, these sweet baked goods are not difficult to cook at all. It mixes literally in a blink of an eye, especially when using highly efficient kitchen fitting, like mixer or blender. Thus, if desired, nothing can stop from baking even a ton of these ruddy fragrant products to further slowly enjoy their pleasant, distinctive taste, and appreciate the juicy, tender, fluffy and porous structure. The following ingredients can be found almost on an ongoing basis in a fridge of everyone, but if not, use this as a grocery list:

  • eggs — 2 pieces or 1 large
  • sugar — 2 Tablespoons
  • vanilla extract — 0.5 teaspoon
  • milk — 250 ml/1 cup.
  • baking soda — 1 teaspoon (hydrated by vinegar or lemon juice) 
  • baking powder — 1 teaspoon
  • melted butter — 40g (vegetable 2 tbsp)
  • flour of any kind — 320g

Note: All products can be replaced for gluten-free. The result will be no less delightful!

Cooking process:

  1. Mix eggs with sugar and vanilla extract. Add milk, leavening agent, like, baking soda hydrated by vinegar, lemon juice or baking powder. Cookery experts admit that there’s enough for such amount of milk to use either baking soda or baking powder separately, but this recipe is reconstructed according to the original one. 
  2. Pour in cooled melted butter and mix. Sift flour into the dough and mix the dough with a whisk until smooth. The resulting mixture should turn into a batter.
  3. Some say the first pancake is always a blob, though this doesn’t work if to heat the non-stick pan until the needed level. It is usually a blob precisely because of a poorly heated pan. Fill the ¾ ladle with dough. Pour the mass into the center of the dry pan (no oil required). Let the dough spread out into a circle, it goes easily without a need of pan rotation. To achieve a perfect or other desired form, use different culinary molds, like heart-shaped or round ones. 
  4. Fry pancakes about 1 minute over medium heat. As soon as the baking surface begins to bubble, gently turn it over and continue baking. 
  5. When it’s time to flip the pancakes, bake its opposite side for about half a minute. Prepare all the pancakes in turn within the same technique until gingery-golden, with the non-oily pan.

Note: For convenience, use a cooking bag to apportion the batter in a skillet or griddle. 

The Best Matching Topping

The common way to serve pancakes topped with honey, sweet syrups, jam, chocolate, salted caramel sauce, etc. When preferred sugarless topping, the griddlecakes may be proposed with caramelized pears, bananas, other dainty fruits, berries, nuts, dairy cream or just powdered with cinnamon. Each of the listed products emphasizes amazing taste shades so that the ordinary breakfast endows a happy spirit for a day. 

Homemade Pancakes Recipes With A Twist

A perfect moment to experiment lies in having a little more time and corresponding mood to dive into the cooking process. Thus, when aimed to find out a few favorite recipes with an interesting twist, try these prosperous ones from the top list:

So now that you have the basic recipe, all that is left to do is to add a pinch of imagination. Yep, the funny secret is that with subsequent preparation, every housewife ultimately creates an individual recipe. Depending on your preferences, the filling in the dough may consist of pumpkin, oatmeal, lemon zest, flaxseeds and even flowers like violets or lavender. 

So, if desired flavoring experiments for breakfast, feel free to grab this American-style pancake recipe and make a personal contribution to the culinary masterpieces! 

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